Video: Adrian Hints At Upcoming Shows And New Songs In Interview

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Adrian! While on the red carpet at the MJCI Gala held in Las Vegas this past weekend, he spoke with OK! magazine about the band’s future plans — and hinted at No Doubt possibly doing shows before the year is over, including Las Vegas! Adrian also mentioned that they would love to debut a new song.

The host also mentions (at the very beginning of the clip) something about an album of unreleased songs… !!!

“We’re talking about maybe doing some shows in the near future…? And maybe do a new song? That would be exciting because we haven’t done it in awhile. I think we’re all ready.

We’re talking about coming to Vegas maybe before the year is over, so we’ll see what happens.”

Thank you Shana for the video!

17 Replies to “Video: Adrian Hints At Upcoming Shows And New Songs In Interview”

  1. I would normally be excited for news like this, but the band has taught me over the past 6 or so years not to believe anything they say in regards to new music or tours. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. What’s this? It looks like the band still has a pulse… I hope that they have a huge explosion of a success again. I stuck by ND through RoS, but I loved being a fan more during RS and the solo times. I hope they can come back swinging with new music.

  3. I have a feeling that it were a surprise, a la beyoncé that dropped an album without anyone knowing about it.

  4. I think an album of unreleased material is a much more mature and graceful thing than the promise of new music. The band is at a different stage in their lives….going for something youthful and commercial is just not up with them any longer.

  5. J. from what I understood, I guess they’ll be releasing the new material they’ve been working on since last year. So it’s still brand new material.

  6. Even if it takes another year I’m sure they’ll release something. Just keep in mind that they’ve now 11 kids? Wow!

  7. I feel fairly confident that they will do some shows and have new music in the future. I just hope that they are working with good behind the scenes people, have a clear vision, and of course awesome music.

  8. I understand they can’t tour the world like the old times but they should at least consider a residency show for 3 months or something. I’m sure that hundreds of fans would still travel to see them. Just look at Kate Bush, she’s doing 22 shows in London.

  9. Not making any plans this time. They might release an album full of bsides and not promote it, just like EIT. ND has thought me not expect things anytime soon, so… Also, it’s funny that Adrian has said so much and Tom has nothing to report. Maybe he was just expressing his desires for the band.

  10. I predict another “let go out there, perform n get inspired while I’m still breast feeding n the kids are out off school” kinda tour lol

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