Additional Gibson Residence Information

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Our friend Kristen was able to get a sneak peek at the upcoming set times for No Doubt’s Gibson show run in Los Angeles starting this Saturday.

No Doubt is scheduled onstage for an hour and forty minutes!

Doors will be opening at 6:15 PM all seven nights and the band will be hitting the stage at the following times:

November 24 / 9:15 PM
November 26 / 9:05 PM
November 28 / 9:15 PM
November 30 / 9:05 PM
December 2 / 9:05 PM
December 4 / 9:05 PM
December 6 / 9:05 PM

No Doubt have hinted at playing some lesser known tour favorites such as “End It On This” and “Start the Fire”. The shows are so close and we’re excited for all the No Doubters who get to see them!

4 Replies to “Additional Gibson Residence Information”

  1. I hope there will be cameramen to record it so it will go on their VEVO, VEVO no doubt not nodoubttv, the more videos on VEVO the more promotion

  2. I LOVE the “lesser known favorites”!!!!!! Staring Problem- maybe some B sides!!!!!! AHHHH! So excited for next Wednesday!!!!

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