4th Anniversary of ‘Push and Shove’


Today marks the fourth anniversary of the domestic release of No Doubt’s latest album, Push and Shove. The album spawned three singles including “Settle Down”, “Looking Hot” and “Push and Shove”.

For the first time, the band had invited everyone into their world via social media while writing and recording Push and Shove and it was truly electrifying and fun for fans.

Push and Shove debuted with impressive numbers at #3 on the Billboard charts in 2012 and had been promoted with highly anticipated performances at the Teen Choice Awards, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. While No Doubt had plans to tour the album, they only held a special string of shows at the former Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in late 2012 where they debuted a few more tracks from the album live for the lucky concert goers. No Doubt also debuted an electric version of “Sparkle” live during their most recent festival tour last summer.

Fans voted “Push and Shove” their favorite song from the album followed by “Dreaming The Same Dream” and “One More Summer” in a poll we hosted in 2014.

For all things Push and Shove, make sure to check out our comprehensive Wikia page on the album.

11 Replies to “4th Anniversary of ‘Push and Shove’”

  1. That short era was such a disappointment, but it was fun to rewatch the Settle Down video. It’s sad that we will most likely never hear some of the PAS tracks live 🙁

    1. Very true, I wish I could go back in time and go to some of those Cali shows. If I had known they were not going to tour, I would have been there in a split second. And never in a million years would I have imagined they would have cancelled the entire tour. But whatever, I guess that’s life as a No Doubt connoisseur. Heartbreak around every corner. Thanks Gwen. Feels great.

      Is it weird that what shes done to No Doubt makes me hate women in general more than I already do? Hahaha, and I’m still supposed to marry one of these creatures!? HA! This society does not raise humans right anymore. Most of the women in the generations around me are trash. WTF? Sorry to vent lol.


  2. That was the last album I could listen to from the beginning to the end. Truly under rated and I agree, I’m upset they never got to tour that album

  3. i liked the album i thought it was very good, there was something that was really off about that era like not everyone was 100% there during those performances and some of the interviews also

  4. I thought the first four tracks on the album were solid. From there it got a little too soft rock/easy listening for me… I think the band gave us their best effort though. Seems like it was a stressful period for Gwen. Wish they could have made a redemption album but at this point I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  5. This album is sooo good. I know it sounds wrong to say that it is my favorite when we have Tragic Kingdom and the other huge iconic albums, but this album might be my favorite. The sound on every track is unique and flawless. <3

  6. Messy era unfortunately for what is such a great album! Never quite understood the hate this album received but to me it is on par with every other album they made aside from TK.
    The writing is incredibly mature. SParkle, DTSD,P&S, Easy, Undone are some of the best songs they ever wrote imo.
    It’s a shame because I always thought that because of the lack of success the album generated it would push the band in a more interesting direction. To let go of Hits and just keep it real. Instead we got pure pop from G.
    It’s all good but it’s just a bummer that this album/era is equated with negativity when the album itself shines big time.

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