30th Anniversary of No Doubt’s First Live Show

All of us at Beacon Street Online would love to send our well wishes and congratulate No Doubt on the 30th anniversary of their first ever live show. To fans, technically today is the 30th anniversary of No Doubt which gives us all a reason to celebrate!

In 1987, the band performed first on a bill of 14 other bands, including The Untouchables, at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California. The show notably had a young Tony Kanal in the audience watching that had him auditioning to be in the band shortly after as well as becoming their unofficial manager. No Doubt had been gaining local exposure from performing at house parties in the area prior to their debut gig at Fender’s Ballroom. Original and former members of No Doubt were Gwen and Eric Stefani, John Spence, Chris Leal, Jerry McMahon, Gabriel Gonzalez, Alan and Tony Meade, Chris Webb and Paul Caseley.

Close friend of band Eric Keyes shared some of personal footage of No Doubt prior to the Fender’s Ballroom show in honor the 25th anniversary a few years back.

In the next week, we’ll be looking back at 30 years of No Doubt including fun features and memorable moments from the band. We’re so incredibly thankful and inspired by No Doubt for staying dedicated to their craft and each other for nearly 30 years. Seeing them live is always an experience and we’ve been lucky to have seen them many times over the years and they still continue to deliver and impress. Stay tuned and please feel free to share your favorite memories with us!

A quick message of gratitude before this days ends. March 14, 1987. No Doubt. 30 years. Thank you

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Tony took to Instagram to share his personal story and thanks to the fans for the support over the last 30 years. He shares that his close friend Chris Webb invited him to the Fender’s show and encouraged him to tryout for the band. Tony says that the day is “incredibly significant” and speaks on behalf of No Doubt saying that the band has been on an incredible ride and are extremely grateful for the support.

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    1. Yes, she’s been in the band since day one. I didn’t list her because I mostly naming former members of No Doubt but I guess it may come across as confusing. Thanks for pointing it out; I edited the post. 🙂

      1. I see what you mean, but yeah it was a bit confusing cause the other (present) members weren’t part of the band yet.

  1. That was nice to see! Love you guys at BSO! I’ve come to this site for many years and the hard work you guys put in and we get to enjoy the results. Thanks.

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