27th Anniversary of First Live Show

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on the 27th anniversary of playing their first official live show! No Doubt performed second on a bill with 14 other artists at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California on this day back in 1987. We would like to thank the band for staying dedicated to their music all these years and continuing to deliver it live to fans all over the world.

Good friend Eric Keys put together a video with early footage of the band entering the venue prior to the show in honor of the 25th anniversary a couple years back.

After several raucous party performances, No Doubt play their first “official” gig at Ballroom in Long Beach, California; the band was second on a bill of 14 with The Untouchables headlining. Tony, a high-school junior, was one of several hundred people watching. Shortly thereafter, he tries out. Band accepts him even though he’s never been in a band, has long hair and is wearing Mexican sandals. By the summer, Tony, an organized perfectionist, becomes the band’s unofficial manager.

3 Replies to “27th Anniversary of First Live Show”

  1. Well, they didn’t give us anything for their 25th band anniversary… so I am definitely not holding my breath.

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