25th Anniversary Release of ‘No Doubt’

Photo courtesy of No Doubt/Interscope

Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on the 24th anniversary of their debut album’s release, No Doubt. The album was released on this day back in 1992 and spawned fan favorites such as “Trapped In a Box”, “Get On The Ball”, “Let’s Get Back” and “Move On”.

No Doubt was originally recorded as an independent release but was later distributed by Interscope after the band was signed. The band paired with producer Dito Goodwin and No Doubt was recorded in Los Angeles spending costing around $13,000. No Doubt featured songs written as early as 1987 as well as new ones specifically for the album. Sources say that Interscope refused to support the band financially (due to lack of commercial success), so No Doubt put together their own money and released “Trapped In A Box” as their debut single and headed out on the road. The band sold out shows across southern California but unfortunately had trouble filling clubs around the country most likely due to their album being unavailable in most cities.

“Trapped In A Box” was released in late February of 1992 and failed to make an impact on the Billboard charts. The song was never physically released on it’s own as a single, but was included on No Doubt’s The Singles 1992-2003 as well as the music video DVD release.

The music video, which was filmed for roughly around $5,000, was financed by the band themselves after Interscope took a step back due to the lack of success of their debut album. No Doubt invited a bunch of their friends over and shot the video in Anaheim (at the famous Beacon Ave. home) and was directed by Mike Zykoff. “Trapped In A Box” never aired on VH1 nor MTV back when it debuted but did however make it to MuchMusic Canada. No Doubt admitted calling into The Box and requesting their video a few times but not too often cause it cost them money every time.

Though the debut album ended up selling only 30,000 copies initially, it went on to sell over 250,000 copies due to the success of Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt is still treasured by fans all around the world and is a very important part of No Doubt history.

2017 is shaping up to be another big year for the band with No Doubt turning 25 and the 30th anniversary of No Doubt’s first official live show in Long Beach back in 1987. Eric Keyes has shared such fantastic footage with the community over the years including old-school clips of No Doubt from early shows that most fans missed out on.

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