23rd Anniversary of Self Titled Album


Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on the 23rd anniversary of their debut album’s release, No Doubt. The album was released on this day back in 1992 and spawned such fan favorites as “Trapped In a Box”, “Get On The Ball”, “Let’s Get Back” and “Move On”.

No Doubt was originally recorded as an independent release but was later distributed by Interscope after the band was signed. Interscope though refused to support the band financially (due to lack of commercial success), so No Doubt put together their own money and released “Trapped In A Box” as their debut single. No Doubt also has to fund their own Fall tour in 1992 to promote the album.

Though the debut album ended up selling only 30,000 copies initially, it went on to sell over 250,000 copies due to the success of Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt is still treasured by fans all around the world and is a very important part of No Doubt history!

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  1. “Interscope though refused to support the band financially (due to lack of commercial success)”

    Things haven’t changed much. 23 years later and they’re still being pushed around.

  2. It’s my least favorite album too, but I enjoy the live performances of most of the tracks. Sinking is my favorite. Least favorite…Ache. Ugh. LOL

  3. Yeah I’m not a big fan of this album. Some songs are cool, but most of them are just too wacky for my taste. You can tell that they were still trying to find their sound. I understand that it is an important part of ND’s history, but I just never listen to it.

  4. You kidding me right I love this album. I always played it back in my highschool years (late nineties early 00s) while making homework. Though my brothers teased me saying it sounded like circus music (esp Paulina)… My favorites are sinking, sometimes and brand new day. Perfect music to make homework to IMO. 🙂

  5. i love this album, one of my favorites,
    it’s simple, efficient, fun
    it’s swing
    and with a beautiful voice

  6. It’s a great album. So much fun. I like it better than Rock Steady. Favorite songs: Big City Train, Sinking, Let’s Get Back, Sad for Me

  7. Thank you ND for your first album, don’t forget where you came from always!

    My Favorite Tracks: Let’s get back, Move On, Sometimes, and Paulina

    Least Favorite Track: trapped in a box

    Straight from Long Beach rock this shit straight back to Anaheim

  8. Ooh my god this makes me feel sooooo old!!! Lol! I think the “wacky-neas” vibe this album has most fans talk about is pure influence of Mr. Eric Stefani, he is an animator ! I LOVE this album!!! Fans who knew ND before TK have a funny attachment to it, “ache” is my favorite!

  9. I have to admit one reason why I don’t really listen to that album is the horrible audio quality. I’ve tried to play the CD in my car and I’ve tried to listen to it on my home sound system – it sounds like shit really. They FINALLY need to get their old albums remastered! At least for iTunes. I know this is a late 80s/early 90s recording, but many artists had their old songs/albums remastered for modern sound systems. Madonna’s old songs still have their original 80s feel, but they just sound a lot better on modern sound systems now.

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