21st Anniversary of Self Titled Album

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on the 21st anniversary of their debut album’s release, No Doubt. The album was released on this day back in 1992 and spawned such fan favorites as “Trapped In a Box”, “Get On The Ball”, “Let’s Get Back” and “Move On”. No Doubt was originally recorded as an independent release but was later distributed by Interscope after the band was signed. Though the album ended up selling only 30,000 copies, it’s still treasured by fans all around the world and is a very important part of No Doubt history.

2 Replies to “21st Anniversary of Self Titled Album”

  1. I wonder how many old schoolers are still fans of the band today…

    Let’s Get Back is my fav from that album. So so good live. I wish they would still perform it. Move On, Sinking, Get On The Ball, Sometimes too… I guess it’s hard to choose a favorite! LOL

  2. Amanda, I know! I have seen a couple here and there but I’m pretty curious about the fans that have followed them since the very beginning.

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