20th Anniversary of ‘Tragic Kingdom’


Today marks the 20th anniversary of No Doubt’s third and most successful album, Tragic Kingdom. It was released on this day back in 1995 and is still loved and admired as one of the best albums to come out of the 1990s.

Tragic Kingdom went on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide, hitting the number one spot in several countries and staying on top of the Billboard charts for weeks. The album spawned some of the band’s biggest hits to date including “Don’t Speak”, “Just a Girl”, “Sunday Morning” and “Spiderwebs”. The album hit #1 in the US in December 1996, almost a full year after the album was domestically released.

The album’s most successful single, “Don’t Speak”, reached #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 Airplay chart and opened up the world to No Doubt. They toured for nearly two years straight and landed their first Grammy nominations in 1998 for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Song of the Year (which unfortunately they didn’t win).

Over the last few weeks (and in weeks to come), we’ve been looking back and sharing original content in honor of the anniversary in a new section called TK20. It’s been a lot of fun reliving the era, so to speak, and revisiting videos, photos and stories from the time that I fell in love with No Doubt. Since 1996, I’ve cherished this band with all my heart for being such incredible human beings and for their love for their music and each other.

Makes sure to check out our recent feature on Tragic Kingdom‘s single ranked.

Please feel free to share your stories and memories of Tragic Kingdom with us in the comments. In the next couple days, we’ll be counting down all of the album’s tracks from least favorite to favorite so let us know which song ranks at the top for you!

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  1. Being born in 92, I was too young to live the TK era, and I discovered No Doubt much later. I remember vividly being in a bar with some friends, 6-7 years ago, and suddenly hearing Don’t Speak playing. I think I knew the song “passively” (everybody does) but something happened there and I instantly fell in love with it. My friends told me it was No Doubt, “you know, the band Gwen Stefani was in before she sold out” (not trying to spark a debate, that’s what they told me), and I was floored because I only vaguely new Gwen as this 2000s popstar I didn’t really like and had NO idea she used to be in a band, let alone a ska one.

    It turned out my parents actually had the TK record and I spent the summer listening to it on repeat, feeling like I had found the music of my life. I loved how upbeat, diverse and colourful it was. No Doubt gradually became my favourite band, and has stayed so ever since. It’s the one band I can always go back to (“When in doubt, No Doubt”, that’s my motto 😛 ).

    Anyway, all this to say that Tragic Kingdom is my favourite album (Return of Saturn being a close second) and it’s awesome to celebrate it with all this cool content 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Olivia, that’s really nice. I became a die hard fan nearly 20 (!) years ago, when I was just ten and I first heard Just a Girl. I started to jump on the couch like it was a trampoline, that’s how excited I was! I still listen to No Doubt music every single day and I cherish all the songs and the memories of my time between childhood and adulthood that are forever intertwined with the music.

  3. @Olivia i was born the same year as you! but my story is pretty different tho. 😉

    I’m from Thailand and western music is kinda slow to reach out to us, so i didn’t listening to any of Tragic Kingdom back then. I actually start to know the band since 2000 when RoS came out. It was on Channel [V] and they’re playing Ex-Girlfriend video. I’m still remember the day when i first saw it because the color of video is really stand out in my memories. (And the band actually touring in Thailand on 2000 too. the first and last show. T_T)

    At the time they’re also playing Don’t Speak and Just A Girl too. Don’t Speak is actually printed on my brain when i first heard it. But i’m still the casual fan back then.

    Not until 2012, when i heard that they’re gonna release Push and Shove and then i start to listening all of their old song but i’m still not into it a lot. (my taste in music really changing a lot like 2-3 months per cycle)

    UNTIL, this year i saw that No Doubt is touring again and saw Rock In Rio USA. they’re blew me away with the awesome performance after all this year. so i start digging the old stuff again and now i’m hooked to them for life now. 😀

  4. Fue mi primer cd que compre los conosi por el tema Don’t Speak y me encanto luego al escuchar el disco aun mas ! desde ese momento me ise fan y me gustaria que alguna ves binieran a Argentina a tocar, bueno me despido y gracias por su musica !!! son mi banda favorita !! 😉

  5. It’s a really difficult choice to pick one favourite. It was unusual in the sense that most of the time when you buy an LP you want to skip songs you don’t like! Every song On this Album is completely creatively unique. Along with the accompanied videos. I’ve been a fan of No Doubt since their 1st Self Titled LP. They truely are in a League Of Their Own. My Love, Best Wishes & Especially Thank You to Eric Stefani, John Spence, Gwen Stefani, Adrian Young, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont & Everyone Ever Involved Behind The Scenes, In Front of The Scenes For Bringing Magic Into All Our Daily Lives. There Sure Betta Be More ND Music To Come….Thanking You Beacon Street With All My Heart For Sharing your Passion & Bringing us News, photographs, updates etc Everyday For All This Time. Love You & All NoDoubters..

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