#2 BSO Top Moment Of 2011: No Doubt Back In The Magazines

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Sorry for the delay, but today we are looking back at the #2 voted No Doubt top moment of 2011! With over 1,000 votes counted, we are continuing our countdown to #1! And coming in second place is…

#2 No Doubt Back In Magazines

It was an exciting summer! For the first part of the year we kept getting teased by the band and others about what we would be hearing from the new album, when it’s going to come out and what influences the band were getting inspired by. No Doubt fans had been waiting for a new interview (and new photos!) and we were blessed with three: Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and UK’s Q magazine. Tom first mentioned that journalists and photographers were joining the band in the studio in late May and their new Entertainment Weekly interview (with no new photos) debuted in early June.

Rolling Stone — June 2011
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In another new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, more details are given to us about the sounds of the new album (ska-pop and reggae sounds) and they mention at that time they thought they were two months away from completing the album. The band went back into the studio to write a few more songs after the article was published.

Their sixth album, still untitled, is about two months from completion, but they give a visitor to producer Spike Stent’s sleek Santa Monica studio a taste: “Settle Down” is a party-ready reggae blast featuring Stefani’s toasting skills. “One More Summer” relates to the band’s ska-pop…

Stefani released two hit albums, Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and The Sweet Escape. “Those come from my girl side and theatrical side.” With No Doubt, Stefani says, she’s “heels off.”

Q — July 2011
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Q magazine featured a brand new photo shoot with the band (more than 1 photo that was featured in Rolling Stone magazine) and we were all in love! Released in the UK, Q had a three page spread on the band and included another brand new interview. We learned more about three tracks off the album including one of the first songs they wrote after the 2009 tour, “Undercover”, and how “Easy” was being looked at as a potential single for the album and the ballad “Dreaming the Same Dream”.

Here, they play two new tracks: One More Summer, a beat-driven electropop track with a soaring chorus, and Settle Down, a raucous dancehall number that neatly updates No Doubt’s Rock Steady reggae sound. Other track include potential single Easy and Dreaming The Same Dream, which Stefani describes as a “prom song”. Though mixing is set to commence in July, there’s no release date set beyond “this year”. Even at this stage, Stefani’s celebrity lifestyle interrupts the process – the band recently took a break while she filmed a L’Oreal advert in Cannes. But for this unhurried foursome, it’s all about the process. “We don’t even need to be making this record,” says Stefani. “We just wanted to make it because of the process of writing songs, recording them and touring them around the world – it just feels right.”

Entertainment Weekly — June 11, 2011
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In the band’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, it was our first tease at what sounds we would be hearing on the album. They also made us go crazy when we heard all about “One More Summer” and “Settle Down” — titles the band had already released to us that we knew nothing about. Here are some of the most memorable parts of the interview. The band was also pushing that the album would be out in 2011.

Gwen also squashed rumors about having another go on her solo career.

“We’ve made a record. We’re really excited about it. We’re in the final stages now. It’ll be out this year.”

We only have a few more songs to finish. It’s been a really long process. Fun, but it’s starting to get not as fun. We’re like, “Let’s hurry up and finish it!”

[Gwen on her solo career] “No, no, that was a moment in time. It went on a little longer than we all thought it would, because I was inspired and you have to go with wherever you’re at in that time in your life. We would have never have made this record if I hadn’t made those records. Everything works out how it should.”

“One More Summer”
A catchy driving-with-the-top-down single featuring synths, hand claps, and New Order-esque guitars. Sample lyric: “One more summer, one more weekend / You’re my lover, I’m your weakness.”

“Settle Down”
Under a dancehall beat (think the band’s 2001 smash “Hey Baby”), Stefani sings about trying to balance all aspects of her busy life. “I’m-a rough and tough / Nothin’s gonna knock this girl down.”

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