19th Anniversary Release of Tragic Kingdom

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Today marks the 19th anniversary that No Doubt’s third and most successful album, Tragic Kingdom, was released!

Tragic Kingdom went on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide, hitting #1 all over the world and staying on top of the Billboard charts for weeks that spawned some of the band’s biggest hits to date including “Don’t Speak”, “Just a Girl”, “Sunday Morning” and “Spiderwebs”. The album hit #1 in the US in December 1996, almost a full year after the album was domestically released.

In our past fan favorites poll, the album also came out on top. Fans voted the Tragic Kingdom era the top era that gained the most fans, the top tour that fans would love to revisit, the band’s best style, and the fan’s second favorite album (closely behind Return of Saturn). Fans also voted “Sunday Morning” as their favorite single from the album.

We would like to congratulate the band on another anniversary for Tragic Kingdom — next year will mark the 20th year release!

2 Replies to “19th Anniversary Release of Tragic Kingdom”

  1. It’s funny, I don’t listen to the studio album hardly at all anymore, but I do listen to live versions of the songs almost every day. Such great songs… Hey You, JAG, Sunday Morning, EIOT, Happy Now… The only two I never connected with are YCDI and World Go Round.

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