1992 press kit for debut album

This is so cool! Thanks to Edgar and everythingintime! He was awesome enough to post some bits from a 1992 press release for No Doubt and their debut self titled album! We added the photo seen above, a short bio (which EIT.com was nice enough to transcribe all they could – see below) and a autographed page from the CD’s booklet. We added it all to the gallery!

Gwen Stefani – Lead Vocals
Tony Kanal – Bass
Eric Stefani – Keyboards
Tom Dumont – Guitar
Adrian Young – Drums

Weird and wonderful? No doubt about it. Quirky yet compelling cartoons? No doubt about that, either. A happy despite-it-all groove? A hellacious hyperactive hybrid of a dance/ska/funk/rock band? No doubt about it, that’s No Doubt.

“It’s a devious thing we’re doing”, says mad genius Eric Stefani. “It has such a happy sound.”

Emerging from behind the Orange Curtain-Orange County, California-home of Disneyland (“the happiest place on Earth”, says Walt), No Doubt had become one of the area’s most popular alternative bands, playing concerts with the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, and The Untouchables before a memorable 1990 opening slot for Zigyy Marley, The Melody Makers… the band up, up and away into Adventureland.

On No Doubt,its self-titled debut album on Interscope Records(produced by No Doubt and Dito Godwin),the charmingly offbeat warbling of offbeat lead singer Gwen Stefani, brother Eric (who designs the band’s artwork and has been an animator on the hit show “The Simpsons” and Saturday morning cartoon “Mighty Mouse”),funky bassist Tony Kanal, guitar ace Tom Dumont, and warp-speed drummer Adrian Young create a crazed circus of musical mayhem designed to put a smile on your face.

“There’s nothing better than playing to an audience who’s never seen us before,” Dumont, “big, genuine smiles”. Adds Young, “With No Doubt,you can hop into… you want, be your own character.”

What makes No Doubt so strangely original is that in this dripping-with-irony Age of…

EDIT: We also added an awesome clipping of the band talking about the songs on the album!

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