18th Anniversary of BSC (Original Release)

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to wish and congratulate No Doubt on their 18th anniversary of the original release of The Beacon Street Collection! It’s always been unknown of an official release date for the original release so thank you to No Doubt for mentioning something on their Facebook this afternoon.

The band recorded and released The Beacon Street Collection independently on their own record label, Beacon Street Records, on this day back in 1995. The album was sold by the band at shows and became an underground hit in Orange County. Interscope ended up re-releasing the album under it’s name on October 21, 1997 after the success of Tragic Kingdom. The album has always been a personal favorite of mine (hence the namesake of the site) and for fans all over the world that included favorites “Total Hate ’95”, “Stricken”, “Greener Pastures”, “By The Way” and “Squeal”.

The album artwork is iconic and features a photo of Gwen’s grandfather on the cover. Gwen also was the one who cut up and put together the collages that are featured in the album artwork while the band was recording “Sixteen” (thanks Eric!) The band shots were also taken by friend Eric Keyes. The artwork on the disc features childhood photos of No Doubt.

8 Replies to “18th Anniversary of BSC (Original Release)”

  1. For me, it’s a tie between Open The Gate, Total Hate, Stricken, Squeal, Greener Pastures, and By the Way…I can’t just pick one!! lol Such a great album…

  2. Hey,

    I’m pretty sure “Sea Creature Records” was what they used for the RErelease partnered with interscope. When they originally released it by themselves it was on their own “Beacon Street Records”….. 🙂

  3. I really can’t pick just one as I think Beacon Street is a really good album next to ROS it is by far my favourite.

  4. I love this album so much! So much that I had to buy the original release when I saw it. It is one of my ND items that I own. Well besides Doghouse on vinyl! Happy Birthday to the album.

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