16th Anniversary of ‘Return of Saturn’


Everyone at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all No Doubters would like to wish and congratulate the band on the 16th anniversary of Return of Saturn‘s release! The album was released on this day back in 2000 and it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, a select and special fourteen were featured including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and

Return of Saturn topped our fan favorites poll in 2013 as No Doubt’s best album with over 36% of the vote. It’s a personal favorite of mine due to it inspiring me to launch this fansite, the first time I saw No Doubt live and how everything from that era was pretty much flawless. This album still sounds like perfection to this day — the lyrics, melodies, themes and unique artwork are still arguably unmatched.

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  1. when you’re 15 and you get this album back in 2000 was definitely a milestone. god I miss this No Doubt and what they made me feel.

  2. ^yea! I was 15 too. I remember buying it the first day it came out and getting some promo with a bonus cd featuring Under Construction. I also died my hair pink and around this time, broke my hand and got a pink cast. I was totally obsessed with No Doubt at this point in my life. Still love them but that fanatic edge has waned for me. Great album, I am going to bust it out while I make a quinoa tabbouleh salad.

    1. I was also 15 🙂 got it on the release date. Kinda felt weird seeing the cd being all purple and pink… and being a young boy listening to a woman sing about wanting babies… but what’s a fan to do!!?

  3. I never get tired of these songs, this album is like my Bible lol. Helped me through so much. It even inspired one of my tattoos (a Saturn above a graveyard). It’s music that you connect to and it never ever fades.

  4. Their best album! It sucks that they only play the singles. I would love to hear ND play Too Late, Comforting Lie, Artificial Sweetener, Dark Blue. That’ll never happen unfortunately 🙁

  5. I’m actually 15 now… Which is really awkward because I love No Doubt, and no one at school ever knows them, I broadcast on radio so I’m always playing No Doubt, I’m also doing a thing for media at school, and in the music I’m using Dark Blue.
    Dark Blue is probably my favourite song on the album, I also love Six Feet Under and Artificial Sweetner and of course Simple Kind Of Life, and Magic’s In The Makeup.

  6. U guys are making me feel old! I was close to 20 when ROS was released and going through so much, a long time relationship ending since he decided he wanted to be free and getting into a new relationship, so yeah… ROS meant a LOT to me. Didnt hurt that Interscope sent me some goodies like the cover for SPIN signed by the band and a lot of other things as part of their street team, a bunch of us that were ND webmasters got those.

    1. That’s awesome! I was sort of wanting to take my ROS LP to get it signed if Gwen does a meet and greet on this tour (if there is a tour lol). But idk if she’d feel weird? Like insulted I’m not there with her new album lol.

  7. @thomas, you’re probably the coolest 15year old kid walking the face of the earth right now!!! As your comment made me feel so old it also made me extremely happy 😉

  8. 17 in magics and the make up changed my life. Dark blue is still one of my all-time favorites to this day. I also dyed parts of my hair pink underneath and wore a big puffy pink ball gown skirt to the spring dance haha

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