Beacon Street Collection Re-Issue Anniversary

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online would like to congratulate No Doubt on the 16th anniversary of The Beacon Street Collection‘s re-release which came out on this day back in 1997.

No Doubt originally released the album independently in March of 1995 on their own label, Beacon Street Records. Interscope then re-issued it after the success of Tragic Kingdom in 1997 under Sea Creature Records and Interscope themselves. The album was recorded mostly in the band house in Anaheim by the group and additionally in North Hollywood. Most of the material as well is also referred to as “Tragic Kingdom B-sides”. With many fan favorites including an updated version of old school staple, “Total Hate” (featuring Sublime’s late Bradley Nowell), “Squeal”, “Greener Pastures” and my personal favorite, “Doghouse”, The Beacon Street Collection is still held as one of No Doubt’s best and certainly have some tracks that are begging to be performed live again.

Tell us, what is your favorite song from The Beacon Street Collection?

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