15th Anniversary of Return of Saturn


Everyone at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all No Doubters would like to wish and congratulate the band on the 15th anniversary of Return of Saturn‘s release! The album was released on this day back in 2000 and it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, a select and special fourteen were featured including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “New”.

Return of Saturn topped our fan favorites poll in 2013 as No Doubt’s best album with over 36% of the vote. It’s a personal favorite of mine due to it inspiring me to launch this fansite, the first time I saw No Doubt live and how everything from that era was pretty much flawless. This album still sounds like perfection to this day — the lyrics, melodies, themes and unique artwork are still arguably unmatched.

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  1. I rediscovered MARRY ME today. Such a nice “psycho-bride-trip”…..the outro is so cool.

  2. My favourite album of all time. Jenny you said it all, the album is flawless! Experimental both musically and visually. I like to think Gwen brought the pink hair trend back too. So many great songs…new, simple kind of life, magic’s in the makeup, too late, suspension without suspense, home now…the list goes on!! If there was one era I wish I would have been there for it was this one for sure.

  3. Wow! 15years?! Time fly’s! The release they did for this album on top of virgin music was so fun and great! Good memories

  4. Ah I remember buying this album when I was 14, after months and months of anticipation and how LONG the bike ride home seemed. 🙂 then i played the whole record through and started running around the back yard filled with pure joy and excitement!

  5. It’s also amazing how true the lyrics ring and how much they mean to me now that I’m the same age as Gwen was when she wrote these songs. I still play RoS all the time and I find so much comfort in the words.

  6. I was so excited when the NEW video was premiered on German MTV. I taped it and watched it a million times.

  7. I was 14 when the album came out and I was so excited. I remember buying the Go soundtrack before that I trying to listen to New, over and over. Finally, Making the Video came out for xgf and I watched it a billion times. I was a little confused by the album at first, it was very slow, but grew to love it.

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