14th Anniversary of Return of Saturn

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all No Doubters would like to wish and congratulate the band on the 14th anniversary of Return of Saturn‘s release! The album was released on this day back in 2000 and it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, a select and special fourteen were featured including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “New”.

Return of Saturn topped our fan favorites poll in 2013 as No Doubt’s best album with over 36% of the vote. It’s a personal favorite of mine due to it inspiring me to launch this fansite, the first time I saw No Doubt live and how everything from that era was pretty much flawless. This album still sounds like perfection to this day — the lyrics, melodies, themes and unique artwork are still arguably unmatched.

4 Replies to “14th Anniversary of Return of Saturn”

  1. Best ND album ever so many great songs. I have always liked Home Now I think that it is a beautiful song.
    Bathwater and SKOL would have to be my favourites though. Actually I couldn’t choose one as a favourite over the either I’m torn between the 2.

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