13th Anniversary of Return of Saturn

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Everyone at Beacon Street Online and on behalf of all No Doubters would like to wish and congratulate the band on the 13th anniversary of Return of Saturn‘s release! The album was released on this day back in 2000 and it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, a select and special fourteen were featured including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “New”.

Return of Saturn topped our fan favorites poll earlier this year as No Doubt’s best album with over 36% of the vote. It’s a personal favorite of mine due to it inspiring me to launch this fansite back in February 1999 while the band was recording it, the first time I saw No Doubt live and how everything from that era was pretty much flawless. This album still sounds like perfection to this day — the lyrics, melodies, themes and unique artwork are still arguably unmatched.

What is your favorite song off of Return of Saturn?

9 Replies to “13th Anniversary of Return of Saturn”

  1. Return Of Saturn is still one of my all time favorite things about being human on planet earth. I feel bad my puppies can’t enjoy it like I do. 🙁 HA! I mean the connection I have with that album alone is beyond words. I tip my hat to this band for creating one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ll ever resonate with. I remember getting this album the day it was released. Man, the past 13 years have been filled with a lot of beauty and a lot of pain. Life sure is silly!

    As far as the poll above goes, can I pick like 5 or 6 favorites? Otherwise my mind will explode trying to pick just one… 🙂

  2. Hi Jenny, what was the original name of your website? Bathwater? I like how you used the images I posted last year for your graphic, it looks cool!

  3. NXD, Geo actually put together that awesome graphic for us. Thank you!

    And yes! When I first launched my site it was called *Bathwater* The Return of No Doubt and then *A Likely Story*. So long ago!

  4. I will always and forever love Ex-GF. Such a unique song for them and they kill at it live. The whole album is great though…MITM, Bathwater, SKOL, Staring Problem… I think I need to break it out for another listen! It’s been a long time!

  5. And I must add that the b-sides from the ROS days are even better. Leftovers…Under Construction…Full Circle. I listen to the b-sides all the time 😀

  6. I tried to list a few of my favorites, but then I wound up just listing all of them 🙂 This is my favorite No Doubt album and maybe my all-time favorite album in general. I’ve listened to it top to bottom SO many times.

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