New Listen: ‘Rock Steady’ Album

In honor of Rock Steady‘s anniversary, we wanted to look back and celebrate one of No Doubt’s most innovative albums yet in a New Listen feature. We’ve shared some of our favorite demos, early takes, live and acoustic versions from the era in track listing order that will offer fans a new and fun take […]

TK20: ‘Tragic Kingdom’ Alternate Versions (Repost)

For our TK20 section, we wanted to look back and share one of our New Listen posts featuring early demos and alternate versions of every track on Tragic Kingdom in track listing order. During the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing retrospectives, fan favorites, tributes and much more in honor of Tragic Kingdom’s 20th anniversary. […]

New Listen: The Singles Television Performances

In celebration of Boom Box‘s anniversary today, we’re looking back at past live television performances from No Doubt presented in The Singles’ track listing order for our New Listen feature. The band had many notable performances of each single (1996-2003) but we’re showcasing our favorites and some that fans may have missed. These sure do […]

New Listen: Rock Steady US Fall Tour

For this special edition of our New Listen feature, we’re taking a look back at the last leg of the Rock Steady US tour which kicked off in Saint Paul, Minnesota on October 9, 2002 and wrapped up in their hometown of Anaheim, California on November 30. Fans are very, very fortunate to have footage […]

New Listen: Tragic Kingdom (Alternate Versions)

For the second installment of our “New Listen” feature, we’re providing an alternate version of the Tragic Kingdom album which includes demos, early takes, live and acoustics. The album appears in full below with a new take! Live versions of both “You Can Do It” and “End It On This” have been added since we’re […]

New Listen: The Beacon Street Collection (Live)

For your viewing pleasure, we’ll be featuring a collection of original posts titled “New Listen”, where we will be diving into the band’s material a little more featuring live tracklists, acoustic performances, remixes and more. This time, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s independent release, The Beacon Street Collection. Below is a collection of performances […]