Video: Major Lazor Says No Doubt’s New Album Is “Crazy”


Anthony Gorry has confirmed that the track No Doubt and Major Lazer worked together on is in fact “Push and Shove”. We love that he’s calling the collaboration “wicked.”

@KevinMacTweets To get the balance & bring together @nodoubt & @majorlazer ‘s unique sounds which are both very unique. Its sounding wicked

In a new video interview posted today by Fuse TV, collaborators on the new album, Major Lazer, go on to say that originally No Doubt were supposed to appear on their album. The band actually loved the song so much that they wanted it for thier album instead! Diplo goes on to say that he doesn’t know when the record is going to come out, but “it’s crazy!” The whole group seems pretty excited about No Doubt’s new record, even calling it some things we couldn’t understand, lol. We love how Diplo also says that they are “coming back hard”. Makes us even more excited, if that’s possible! They all go on to say how love Gwen, “she’s a legend!”

They mention working with the band around 1:37 in the video.

3 Replies to “Video: Major Lazor Says No Doubt’s New Album Is “Crazy””

  1. Who are these people supposed to be? Damn, I’m getting old LOL I’m sure it will be an amazing song though.

  2. Aww! I have checked out a little of thier music (since announcing working with ND) and some of it’s pretty good. I love their stuff with the reggae influence.

    I reccomend “Can’t Stop Now”.

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