Busy Signal On “Push And Shove”: “It’s A Good Thing”

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In a new interview with the Jamaica Star, “Push and Shove” collaborator Busy Signal called working with the band “glorious”. He went on to say that it was an amazing experience because everyone brought in their own parts and it just came together nicely. It was actually Gwen’s idea to get Busy Signal on the track — after hearing a collaboration between production duo Major Lazer (who worked on “Push and Shove”, too) and Busy Signal, she wanted him on the record. The article also states that “Push and Shove” is to be the first single off the new album, though nothing has been confirmed. (the band is trying to figure that out “ASAP”). We are keeping our fingers crossed cause it’s such an amazing track and would do well in the summer!

Jamaica Star — Busy Signal has followed in the footsteps of dancehall queen Lady Saw and his musical mentor Bounty Killer with his recent collaboration with Grammy winning group No Doubt.

The song titled Push and Shove, is to be the lead single on the American group’s upcoming album.

Busy Signal’s manager Shane Brown told The STAR how the collaboration came about, saying that Busy Signal had done a song for Diplo of Major Lazer and Gwen Stefani (lead vocalist for the group) heard it and liked it. They later met up in studio and did the track.

The STAR caught up with Busy Signal at the Penthouse studios in Kingston and he shared his experience working with No Doubt.

“Sometimes you can’t really explain the vibe to how it just glorious in terms of the music and the ideas and the creativity. When everybody just a come up with their different parts and different ideas and we just sharing them. It’s definitely a good thing to look out for. Busy Signal, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani – it’s just great,” said Busy Signal.

He added, “I’m just here giving thanks for the blessings and just a continue to do the work that I’m doing because it’s showing that the people outside of Jamaica who really know the real thing, them come and them choose who they think is qualified to even be in studio collaborating with them.”

Busy Signal also has other recent collaborations with top international acts. His recent Reggae Music Again album has been doing well, landing the number five spot on the coveted Billboard chart in the reggae category.

Of No Doubt’s 10 Grammy nominations, they have won two which were collaborations with dancehall acts. Hey Baby with Bounty Killer and Underneath It All with Lady Saw were awarded ‘Best Performance by a Duo or Group’ in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

5 Replies to “Busy Signal On “Push And Shove”: “It’s A Good Thing””

  1. Looking forward to hear his part on the song… but I’m not liking him that much, to be honest. The song is kickass otherwise No Doubt wouldn’t collaborate with him. I’m a bit bitter because I wanted the 1st single to be just the band. 🙁

  2. I agree. It makes sense nowadays for band’s to release a hype single with other artists, like they did for “Hey Baby”, but I understand where you are coming from. We will have to see though!

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