New Interview: Giggly Gwen Stefani

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The Belfast Telegraph posted some tidbits of a new interview the band did with Elle magazine.  In it, Tony reveals the band works well together because him and Tom are so funny – and Gwen and Adrian think so!   They also touch briefly on the 2009 tour and the media’s perception of them “breaking up”.  Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on the full article soon!

Belfast Telegraph  — Gwen Stefani “works well” with No Doubt because she laughs at her band members’ jokes.

The American rock band has released their first album in 11 years, entitled Push and Shove.

One of the things that makes the band work is their fun dynamic.

“We work so well as a band because Tom [Dumont, guitarist] and I are funny, and Gwen and Adrian [Young, drummer] laugh at our jokes,” No Doubt’s bassist Tony Kanal revealed to Elle magazine.

The band first rose to prominence with their hit single Don’t Speak, taken from their 1995 album Tragic Kingdom.

Despite Gwen enjoying success as a solo artist and taking time out to have children Kingston and Zuma, the band never officially split up.

“Journalists always think we’ve decided to get back together, but we did tours – we just didn’t have new songs to play,” Tony explained.

“No matter what we try to do in the studio, we end up sounding like No Doubt. Eventually,” Adrian added.

Push and Shove is out now.

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