Flashback Friday: ‘Push and Shove’ Webisodes

For this week’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at the band’s webisodes that were released coinciding with the release of Push and Shove in the summer of 2012. No Doubt invited fans in for an exclusive view of the recording process (including an early taste of “Push and Shove” and “Undone”), filming the “Settle Down” music video and a behind-the-scenes look at their first promotional photo and album cover shoot. We were really lucky to have such access to the band during the writing and recording process and we hope No Doubt continues these in the future!

13 Replies to “Flashback Friday: ‘Push and Shove’ Webisodes”

  1. Great nostalgia! I remember being so excited when I saw the first webisode and hearing parts of Push and Shove for the first time. Watching these kinda makes me sad because the band put so much work into the album and thought it was going to do great but after it was released nobody really paid attention to it which is unfortunate because it was a good album.

  2. Seeing this as “flashback Friday” makes me really sad somehow. It still feels like yesterday. The band seemd to be really into this record and then it all went down within a few weeks 🙁 The webisodes were awsome, though. It’s really bittersweet to watch them again now.

  3. @ Lisa me too I was so excited when ibseen the first webisode and then the album came out and I was very disappointed I thought it was going to be darker the way the bank was talking I thought it was going to be like ROS they need to just no care about writing a hit and do another ND album that’s what would put them back on the map if they just said fuck it and went very experimental and they would be great at it too I wish Gwen didn’t care about writing a hit so much…

  4. The webisodes were so promising… so promising… So sad the album was so disappointing.

  5. To me this album was not the let down it was made out to be. There are many great songs on it. I prefer it to rock steady. The real bummer was the way they turned their back on it.

  6. I was disappointed in the album at first, but it grew on me and I probably listen to it more than the others now. It’s not their best work, but there’s definitely some good stuff there. ROS didn’t garner hits either, but they stuck by it and they should’ve done the same with this album and gone on tour and put out a 3rd single. They are a live band and I think fans would have liked live versions of these songs better than the overproduced ones on the album. Unfortunately they made a lot of mistakes in single choices, videos and promotions and totally gave up on it 🙁

  7. I wasn’t disappointed with the album. I love it! It’s like my 3rd fave album. The only thing that’s missing is one more Major Lazer track to make it more coherent and consistent. I’m still interested in hearing the other version of “Gravity”.

  8. I think the reason I listen to the P/S album so much is because it wasn’t overplayed. The same goes for EIT. They don’t play those songs so they are still kind of new and fresh.

  9. Can I be honest? I think fans were too harsh on the band for this album. I remember reading awful accusations especially targeted to Tom. I don’t think he said this album would be exclusively Old School x ska x reggae. People read too much between the lines. I remember precisely when they said it was mostly cheesy 80s, one hit wonders, etc. People expected way too much. I feel like they missed out too much cause they spent all the time ranting about it. lol

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