No Doubt (1992),
(E. Stefani / G. Gonzalez II / C. Leal),
Additional Information: “Paulina”‘s lyrics are not printed inside the debut album’s cover sleeve in part to it’s risky lyrical subject matter. An early demo version of the song exists with different lyrics. “Paulina” is also said to be about Russian model Paulina Porizkova.,[/table]


Paulina – she’s on the cover of a magazine
Paulina – a woman in my nightly dreams
Paulina – who makes me grin in any pose
Paulina – I wish she’d take off all her clothes

Paulina – well I stare at her pictures all day long
Paulina – and as I do I sing this song
Paulina – my father says to act my age
Paulina – as I single handedly turn the page

Paulina – well I paste her pictures on the wall
Paulina – sit by the phone and hope she’ll call
Paulina – although I know she never will
Paulina – to indulge myself is such a thrill

Paulina – she’s the big red apple of my eye
Paulina – I wish she’d lay down by my side
Paulina – but if she ever knew my pursuit
Paulina – she would probably file a huge lawsuit

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oh oh