Unreleased demo


Ooh, Aladdin, a genie in the lamp
Ooh, Aladdin, a genie in the lamp
Ooh, Aladdin, a genie in the lamp
Ooh, Aladdin

Aladdin was a lad who walked the sand
And he found a lamp on the beach
He shined it up and in a cloudy mist
A genie granted him 3 wish

“Now I’ve been cooped up in this lamp, man, for 3 million years
If you let me out then I’ll give you three wish
I’ll give you palace, with servents and food to eat
And with gorgeous women, your feet will be kissed”

“You’ve been cooped in this lamp for how many years?
And if I let you out, you give me three wish?
It seems that you are the one who hasn’t had any fun
And it is I who shall fullful your needs”

“Those ideas that you have in that thick head of yours
Don’t appeal to my clean sense of taste
Put your eyes in your head, and get your mind off the bed
Or, a lamp you might find yours incased”

“Oh wait, my sweet lovely genie before you banish me
To the lamp from which you have just come
I wish that you would come to me burning
I ask this wish for it is only just one”

“If it’s your hearts desire to have me hot as fire
I grant it though it may be a sin
But with all of your lustin’, your skin will stay charcoal black
Because I am fire, and I’m blazing your skin”

Why dont you get up?