Saturday Night Live (2016)
Peter Dinklage featuring Gwen Stefani


My name is Jonathan Comets,
And this song is called Space Pants
Begin transmission…

One small step for man,
One giant leap for…

My pants!

Boys and girls,
I’ll think you’ll find
That my pant will blow your mind
Look at my pants,
With the eyes in your face
My legs are covered in outer space

Space pants!
Space pants!
I am wearing space pants

Do you see my pants?
No way, you missed them
My pants are a tour of the solar system

When I say space,
You say pants,
Space, pants!

When I say space pants,
You say are intergalactic slacks,
Space pants (are intergalactic slacks)
Yes, now you’re getting it
Yes, yes, yes!

Ladies and gentleman,
I’m happy to report
My friend Gwen Stefani is wearing space shorts

People on Earth,
Hear what I say
My shorts are from a galaxy far, far away
Asteroids, comets, meteors,
My shorts boldly go where no shorts have gone before

Space shorts (space pants)
Space pants (space shorts)
She is wearing space shorts
He is wearing space pants