Planning on spending time in southern California and wanted to embark on the famous “No Doubt pilgrimage?” There are many places to see and visit including the original bandhouse on Beacon Ave. and the convenience store that Grandpa Stefani once owned (which is featured in the “Sunday Morning” music video.)

Below are directions and addresses to several landmarks in southern California to visit. Most photos below are taken by webmaster Jenny during my trip to Anaheim in 2009. If you have any further questions or would like to contribute to this section, please email me. Thank you!

[table]Beacon Street Bandhouse, Anaheim
Featured: “Just a Girl” music video / Beacon Street Collection album artwork
Address: 1173 W. Beacon Ave. Anaheim California 92801
Directions: Go down Harbour Blvd. / Turn right onto Walnut / Turn right onto Beacon Ave. / Home marked ‘1173’ will be on your left[/table]

[table]”Sunday Morning” House, Anaheim
Featured: The band is seen performing in the home’s garage in the “Sunday Morning” music video
Address: 322 S. Ohio St. Anaheim California 92805[/table]

[table]M&M Market, Anaheim
Featured: This small market is where Gwen visits to buy spaghetti sauce in the “Sunday Morning” music video. The store was once owned by Gwen and Eric’s grandfather
Address: S Citron St. & W Santa Ana St. Anaheim California 92805
Directions: M&M Market is just around the corner from the “Sunday Morning” house on Ohio Street[/table]

[table]Loara High School, Anaheim
Featured: Gwen and Tony both attended this high school in Anaheim
Address: 1765 W. Cerritos Ave Anaheim California 92804[/table]

[table]Gwen’s First Home, Los Angeles
Featured: Gwen’s first home she purchased after the Tragic Kingdom tour in Los Feliz. The home is also featured in the Rock Steady Live DVD extras and LAUNCH Countdown to Live in 2005. Home was purchased by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson in 2013.
Address: 2566 Aberdeen Avenue Los Angeles California 90027[/table]

[table]Slidebar Cafe, Fullerton
Featured: Many No Doubt items are featured in this landmark bar and cafe in Fullerton. We recommend checking this cafe out if you are in the area
Address: 122 E Commonwealth Ave Fullerton CA 92832[/table]
The photos below were taken in 2009 so displays might have changed!

[table]Gwen and Gavin’s Disneyland Stone, Anaheim
Featured: Located in Disneyland. Gwen and Gavin purchased a stone and it’s engraving includes their wedding anniversary and “The Soaves”[/table]