Video: Austin Fashion Week L.A.M.B. Presentation

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The new Fall 2013 RTW collection of L.A.M.B. was presented during Austin Fashion Week back on May 8th in Austin, Texas by fashion boutique Young & Fabulous. The boutique have always been huge supporters of the line and even hosted a look at the Spring 2013 line back in February of this year.

Though it’s on a much smaller scale, it’s still nice to see the line being presented in this fashion. The new collection looks fabulous!

Click here to see the full Fall 2013 collection from L.A.M.B.

3 Replies to “Video: Austin Fashion Week L.A.M.B. Presentation”

  1. too short, and not that much of ppl… dunno whats happening with fashion industry but it seems to be getting smaller and smaller

  2. I loved it so much when L.A.M.B was the huge New York fashion week thing, the thing is I’m worried it’s just going down and down when Gwen originally created LAMB for if her music career stopped! Obviously L.A.M.B has been around for 10 years as well…… I wonder if in the future, it will get revived at all to New York fashion week or if it’s just being left to diminish!!! ….I’m not saying Gwen isn’t taking an active part still or anything it’s just such a small scale in comparison to how it used to be!

  3. I wonder if we’ll actually be able to buy fall online this year? Bummer it’s been so hard to find anywhere last few years. I keep hoping Nordstroms and Shopbop will sell the clothes again one day when lamb gets their stuff together. I miss buying it online.

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