Tweets: Skrillex Coolness and Swatches

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Interesting! The band just posted this picture on their Twitter of Tony and Gwen posing with dubstep superstar Skrillex. A collaboration for new music maybe? We’ll keep you posted!

Gwen also shared a photo of new swatches for the upcoming L.A.M.B. collection.

@nodoubt @gwenstefani @tonykanal @Skrillex inspired coolness

Side note: For those interested in wanting to check out some of his work, I posted some of his music on the official forum for everyone.


@gwenstefani New L.A.M.B. swatches gx

32 Replies to “Tweets: Skrillex Coolness and Swatches”

  1. It would be awesome. We all know that Push And Shove (song) is kinda influencied by dubstep, it has some beats. And everybody loves that track. It would be awesome to hear another dubstep influencied song in my opinion.

  2. I kinda figured no doubt would do a dubstep song they have always been trendy! I think this is clearly a collaboration. And I do think No Doubt is making a radio friendly album. (Updated Rock Steady 2.0 maybe?)

  3. I am really torn… I love how ND still are adventurously exploring new genres, but Skrillex… I just can’t stand him.

  4. I’m going to hold my judgement until I hear the new music. And I’m also not getting hyped up at all about it. Maybe this collab is going to be awesome, who knows?

  5. This has several levels of horribleness written all over it. No Doubt needs a producer like David Kahne, or even Tim Armstrong. And would someone please throw away very musical instrument Tony owns that is not a bass (sequencers, synths, digital-anything.)

  6. It seems like No Doubt have lost faith in themselves making good music by themselves anymore. I miss the pre-collab music when it was real nd, the collaborations are like someone elses songs and aren’t even as good.

  7. Honestly, I think we should all just wait to see what comes out of this. No Doubt has turned out some amazing work while collaborating with others that I remember us freaking out about before. I trust them that they know what they are doing and maybe they chose to work with him? We should just give it a chance. We also don’t even know what technically what they are doing together. Working on a new track? Remix? Or just hanging out?

    Even if you’re not a fan of dubstep or Skrillex, it would bring something new to the table (for the band) that might be very special. We have no idea what could come out of this. Everyone should just breathe for now. Woo-sah!

  8. I’m with Jenny, everyone needs to chill and see what happens with this. I don’t like Skrillix either, but I can’t complain unless I’ve heard the final product.

  9. I would cry myself to sleep if No Doubt worked with Skrillex. I loved him when he was the lead singer of From First to Last, but as Skrillex, he has ruined “dubstep.” He doesn’t make true dubstep, he makes BROstep. I would look into the history of the genre and see some prime examples of what dubstep used to be, before guys like him made it into something really obnoxious and lacking musicality. People in the UK laugh at American frat guys and call it bro/bruvstep because it’s been a genre for over a decade there and the way Skrillex does it isn’t true to form at all.

    Sorry, I had to.

  10. Bradley, I agree. Most of his music sucks balls, but I can’t judge just yet because we haven’t heard anything. What if this ends being really good? I thought P&S was going to be amazing because Spike Stent worked with Depeche Mode. Look how that turned out…

  11. I think there are a lot of amazing tracks on P&S. Settle Down, P&S and Heaven for instance.

    If ND did do something with Skrillex i’m sure I’d love it because I love whatever they do – but also, we don’t even know if they’re working together yet. There hasn’t been an announcement about it and they’re not in a studio in the picture. So maybe they won’t even work together?

  12. Bradley, thanks for the dubstep 101. I wouldn’t have said it better. Still, I think a collab between ND and Skrillex would be amazing. A lot of people were skeptical about the Major Lazer collaboration when it was announced and were blow away when they heard the track!

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