Rumor Patrol: L Fragrance Getting Discontinued?

So… I think we already had a feeling and knew about this already… but it’s been said around the internet for sure that L fragrance, L.A.M.B.’s debut perfume, is being discontinued — meaning no more will be made. It’s pretty scarce to find anyway nowadays, but that makes us kinda of sad. The line has been successful ever since it debuted in September 2007. We will keep you updated.

6 Replies to “Rumor Patrol: L Fragrance Getting Discontinued?”

  1. that sucks! i personaly love the L.A.M.B fragrance more than the HL ones! i say we all get together! and demand it back!!!! 🙂 i love it! they have to bring it back!

  2. I’m devastated. I HAVE been wearing this fragrance forever I’m saddened and also freaking out trying to stock up on any bottle I can find. I’m with Susie let’s demand it back.

  3. i love my lamb perfume!!! am devastated that its been discontinued!! everyone always asks me what im wearing when i have it on cuz they love it, i dont understand how its beneficial to discont something so popular!! :o(

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