Poll: Help Determine Best Moment Of 2011!

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It’s time to vote again BSOers! We have mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter pages that we will be holding a countdown soon for the top 3 moments from the band this year! Not too much happened this year (but a lot has been happening behind the scenes!) and next year we know is going to be huge for the group! But we do this every year, so we came up with a list of the top moments we could think of (and feel free to enter in your own nominations!) to help us determine the best! Voting will be up until mid next week or so! Thank you!

You can vote up to three times and also write in your own nomination!


We understand that there are a lack of group related events expressed in the poll, sadly, but the band didn’t do much press/events together this year. We all know that. Much of this year’s focus was on Gwen and her projects.

5 Replies to “Poll: Help Determine Best Moment Of 2011!”

  1. Definitely the No Doubt tweets. Them showing the most intimate moments from the studio is so special. They don’t have to share that stuff with anyone, but they are keeping us posted on that album and keeping me on the edge of my seat for it!

  2. Tea Party – hands down! I was there and WOW it was the most amazing thing to see the band there and get treated to an impromptu performance!

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