Photos: L.A.M.B. Fall 2013 RTW; Review

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Wow! Both (whom have promised to share their review shortly) and L.A.M.B. have revealed 23 new looks from the upcoming Fall 2013 RTW collection. We’re seeing new prints, flattering cuts, colors that pop, beautiful dresses and fabulous new bags. These looks come across as really fresh and we wish Gwen and her team much success with the new line.

Click here to see the entire collection!

Update: have posted their mini-review of the Fall 2013 RTW collection.

FEBRUARY 17, 2013
By Brittany Adams

The recent release of the new No Doubt album, Push and Shove, and its resulting promotional tour served as a reminder of why girls still want to emulate Gwen Stefani’s personal style, and why the goal of L.A.M.B. has always been to replicate her dream closet. All of those familiar favorite motifs were in place for Fall—the Jamaican flag, punky plaids, the boy/girl mix, even a dash of military—but they were done in a relatively softer, more sophisticated way. For every item like a Vans check silk maxi dress or the camouflage cargo pants here there was also something for the customer who didn’t grow up shopping at Hot Topic. A flippy leather miniskirt paired with a bubbly knit sweater worn over a button-up, for example, looked schoolgirl-chic; an army-green biker jacket shown with jacquard, wide-leg trousers was the standout outfit. Still, what stood out most (on the rack, at least) was an ultra-slim cobalt tuxedo suit styled, just like Gwen would wear it, with a rebellious button-up and skinny black tie. It wasn’t necessarily what you’d want to put on for a big interview, but it would definitely do a convincing job onstage.

13 Replies to “Photos: L.A.M.B. Fall 2013 RTW; Review”

  1. Fabulous bags? Wasn’t everyone bashing them in the other post? LOL

    Some of the jackets are pretty hot. That awful hair is quite distracting haha

  2. Yep, the bags do look cheap. The clothes look ok, I hope they are high quality. I’m starting to have an issue with Gwen being credited as “designing” clothes, and others in a similar position. I think artistic adviser is a more suitable title.

  3. Amanda, I put fabulous cause they do look better than the last couple seasons (from what we can see). The material does look questionable but they might look (and feel) better close up. I just hope the switch to Titan is for the better.

    I am feeling some of the stuff but I guess I just miss the old take on L.A.M.B. with more separates (tees, cardigans, etc.) I get that the line has grown over the years, but eh… I am digging the bright colors though. The styling for this shoot was spot on. Now let’s start seeing this in stores!

  4. It’s true that L.A.M.B. has lost some of its spark over the years, mainly because of Gwen’s return to music. I miss the shows, the styling and the funkiness of the clothes, and of course her presence at the end of the show and backstage. This whole P&S-era reductive, streamlined and chic L.A.M.B. will have more acceptance in the more sophisticated fashion world. Some of the outfits of previous collections might have alienated them, probably because they are too funky, and a bit too ‘her’ to really be adopted by others. But that’s the whole point of L.A.M.B isn’t it? To give a taste of Gwen’s unique style. And maybe this more sober version, although a lot less fun and predictable, will open the brand to new audiences.

  5. I miss her lines from her solo period. When it was young, fun and totally Gwen with the lamb prints and sporty ghetto fab type styles. I don’t see “Gwen” in these outfits anymore… If she’s not going to be involved then I don’t see why she’s keeping it going… The sales have declined, no?

  6. The funkiness from the first few collections can be credited to ZALDY. He is a super innovative designer from NYC. Also worked on Britney’s recent Femme Fatale tour costumes. I think having both of them there at the reigns was a nice collaboration. Everything has since fallen flat and oddly styled- unfortunately.

  7. I think this line is amazing, totally Gwen and if I had a big bank account, I’d buy every piece…love it! Bags are cute…and somewhat reminiscent of first L.A.M.B. bags launched in ’06/”07. Love everything Gwen does. Shes incredible and so gifted.

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