No Doubt Black Friday Pickup Tips

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Today is the biggest shopping day of the year in the US — Black Friday! And lucky for us, tees, Harajuku Lovers, L.A.M.B. and Push and Shove seems to be on sale everywhere so we put together a list of places to pick items up for your families, friends or again for yourself. Push and Shove makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Let us know of any more deals if we missed them and please be aware that most sales will last until Monday or some may specifically end today (Friday, November 23) so check them out soon!


Push and Shove album cover tee — $10.00 USD (

Harajuku Lovers

All headphones on sale (


Push and Shove album:

  • $5.99 USD (
  • $6.99. USD (
  • $5.99 USD (
  • 4 Replies to “No Doubt Black Friday Pickup Tips”

    1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but has anyone else who has made LAMB purchases in the past think or see the difference in the quality of the newer bags? I know they were changing companies and what not to make the price point go down but … I hate to say it… they kinda look cheap. :/ I love how they look in the pictures but not in person.

    2. Christal, I hate to say it, but I swore I wouldn’t buy L.A.M.B. anymore because the quality has really decreased. My two last leather ones I purchased, most recently about 6 months ago, started fraying, the buttons were falling off and genuinely falling apart. It makes me so bummed, but I can’t justify spending another $400 on a bag that I put away. I’ve emailed L.A.M.B. about it recently so I’m waiting to hear what they say.

    3. Hi Ladies! I am a huge LAMB fan & buyer! I have about 10 LAMB bags, 1 backpack, 1 wristlet, 1 wallet & a bunch of clothes (back from when she still made T-Shirts & track suits), plus a bunch of HL bags too. I have 100% noticed a quality difference too!!! As a matter of fact I was just online now looking for a new wallet of a different brand than LAMB because mine has fallen apart in 2 places & it no longer hold my cards. 🙁 I can’t fathem sepnding the kind of money she is now asking for her products for a lesser quality item. So bummed!!!!!!!! :'(

    4. I don’t think Gwen personally prices stuff.

      Even in a million years, I won’t ever be able to buy anything related to LAMB or HL. Too broke.

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