New Contest: Win A L.A.M.B. Printed Fleece Dress From BSO

The time has come to announce our new contest! It’s been awhile, but once again BSO has teamed up with Shop Adorn Online for an awesome way to win a new L.A.M.B. printed fleece dress (which retails over $130.00 USD!) And we are making this an easy one. All you have to do is leave us a comment and tell us why you love No Doubt! You may enter as many times as you want, but all spam comments will be disregarded and not counted if your name is drawn at the end. You must leave a legit comment! Complete rules are below and good luck! Winner will be drawn on January 31, 2011 and will be contacted the same day.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is leave a comment on THIS post!

1. To enter the contest, comment on this post! Tell us why you love No Doubt — it’s that easy!

2. You can enter as many times as you’d like, but to be eligible, you need to leave a legit comment.

3. Please, please leave a e-mail address or Twitter account for us to contact you!

4. Contest is open to international fans, as well as U.S. residents.

5. If you win, a representative from Adorn will contact you as well for your shipping information.

6. Winner will be chosen using on January 31, 2011 and will have three days to respond to our e-mail or another name will be chosen.

137 Replies to “New Contest: Win A L.A.M.B. Printed Fleece Dress From BSO”

  1. I love No Doubt because they have been part of my life since I was six years old and I love each member’s unique style and personality. Twitter name: bindichica

  2. I love No Doubt because they are amazing ! Their music and even their personnalities are awesome. With their songs they cheer me up. Living without No Doubt isn’t living because now they are a part of my life.

  3. No doubt means “everything in time to me”!! Cuz is something “new” and fresh in my life… And
    If someone try to take it from me i “ll say “it’s my life”…
    I love their music and wiked style! I love the way gwen stenfani sing on the stage
    As i said… I hear ND every single minute… So that’s why i made a tatto inmy body of a harayuku lover and
    Nd with letters and stars:) …. Please im a huge fan!!! I want my LAMB:)

  4. Lets see where do i even start!!? i started listening to no doubt in 1997 when i was seven years old! my older brothers were big ska/punk fans, and i got lucky to get blessed with loud bumping speakers playing no doubt almost everyday. i fell in love with gwen stefani’s crazy style. At age seven i knew she was someone i wanted to be like. She and the boys are so wild and awesome. Listening to no doubt always makes me feel better. i feel like each song can help me relieve or extend any mood i was feeling(happy or sad). Growing up with their unique touch makes me the person i am today. i went through all these crazys stages and expierences. i can relate to so many songs. i love no doubt music wise, and because i feel like i personally know them just by hearing their tunes. there is no doubt that i love no doubt.

  5. I’ve loved No Doubt since I was in high school (1995), I used to make collages of No Doubt, haha! Their music always makes me happy 🙂 So excited for the new album & tour!!!!!

  6. I love No Doubt Because They Don’t sing in playback
    They wearing awesome outfits
    Record beautiful songs, songs who mean something to me
    When I heard “Don’t Speak” I fell in love with this song-wooow it was so beautiful and touching <33 <33
    Gwen is a great singer, has an amazing voice.
    No Doubt has a lot of energy in concerts
    Rock Steady album brings a lot of sunshine into my life
    I can hear it all the time. :):):):)
    ( email : )

  7. I love No Doubt, because I discovered their music at the same time I was entering public high school from leaving the same Catholic School I had known for 9 years of my life. I was just learning how to be me and didn’t really feel I had anything around me I could connect with and then I heard them! I knew I would never be the same and they still set the tone for my outlook on life and Gwen is still the one celebrity that could ever influence the way I dress and view fashion as an extension of how you feel on the inside. She proved you don’t have to be slutty to be girly and cute and adding a masculine edge empowers you and allows you to feel sexy at the same time without having to lose who you are…especially coming from the Catholic guilt! (lol) Thank You No Doubt, you changed a lot of people and especially influenced a lot of girls for the better!

  8. I love No Doubt because they are so original, and there music is more then just music to me. Also, Tony, Adrian, Tom, and Gwen are the best bandmates ever, and I love they so much! Gwen is my idol!!!

  9. I love no doubt because they are just amazing and they are a huge part of my life growing up! I don’t know what I would have done without them

  10. I love No Doubt because not only do they give every show 100% of their energy, they care about the safety and happiness of the fans at the show. The band provides a solid show without having to use pre-recorded live music, meaning the shows are 100% live. The band also engages with the audience, which makes the experience for the fan even more personal. Most importantly the music always satisfies, great beats, lyrics, amazing! Whoever does their album art is a genius!

  11. I’ve loved No Doubt from the moment I listened to Tragic Kingdom. From the energetic stage presence to the honest lyrics to the amazing melodies, what’s not to love?

  12. I’ve been a fan of No Doubt for 20 years. I’ve been to several shows through out my life and have been truly inspired by an amazing rock band. I think Gwen an I went through a breakup together on Tragic Kingdom. Every song I could relate to. Not only is the entire band great role models, but my now 10 yer old daughter loves them. No Doubt was her first band concert and Gwen was her first solo artist concert. I’m proud to say I’ve passed them on to my daughter and I wouldn’t want her to look up to anyone else! Keep making great, inspiring, funky music and we’ll keep on dancin!

  13. Oh,wow,thanks so much for the contest!!! There are SO many reasons to love ND-where to begin,lol? Their music is so inspiring and amazing-Gwen’s lyrics are so relatable.They are phenomenal live performers,as well.And they are such awesome people:charitable,humble despite their huge success, and always gracious to their fans.

  14. I love No Doubt because their sound is so original yet classy! Of course I love Gwen, I named my baby Mary so she could have a little L.A.M.B. ! And she does, LOL I have collected LAMB since the beginning, it rocks! Listening to ND music makes me happy, and my Mary loves it too, she bounces when it’s on (which is all the time!)

  15. First, I have to say that No Doubt, by their lyrics, gave me lots of english words and expressions that I didn’t know before(because i’m a french canadian and when I first listened to ND I wasn’t bilingual at all!) and now that I understand everything of each of their extremely good songs I have to say those lyrics are something that I really appreciate from the band. There is always something special and kind of unique in every songs and I love how Gwen felt so inspired. No Doubt has been my first favorite band when I began to enjoy music much more than a casual listener and I know they are gonna rock my life for the rest my life!

  16. I l<3ve No Doubt because they are so original. They take their musical influences from all over the board, yet still come out with something amazing to listen to! I also love that they've been around for a long time and still have fun at what they do.
    Gwen is also a great designer and I dream I could be half as creative as her.

  17. No Doubt has been my favorite band for almost 16 years now. I love them! I just never get tired of their music. The lyrics often take on new meanings depending on where I am in life. I just love NXD!!

  18. There are thousands of reasons why I love and adore No Doubt. I relate to No Doubt music on so many different levels. Honestly, their music to me is home, a constant. When I play a favorite song, the chaos of the day is made clear. Each and every song has a memory that puts me back a few years, a decade, or last week.

  19. I love No Doubt because their music is not only motivating, inspirational, and positive, but because the lyrics have true meaning and are relatable to thousands of people across the world.

  20. So many reasons, where to start?!? Well since I first heard them back in seventh grade I became a huge fan and they have changed my life. There is no band out there like No Doubt. Their music is honest and always comes from the heart. All their music is amazing and not only are they an awesome band but awesome people. Its obvious they love their fans and we will always love them:)

  21. I love No Doubt because they were the first band that I heard whose lyrics and sound connected with my soul. Come on ‘Don’t Speak” I was like 12 when I first heard it and understood it.

  22. I have been a No Doubt fan since the song Just A Girl came out. When I heard that song on the radio, I immediately related to the lyrics. The band has an amazing energetic presence on stage that very few bands can match. And the members of the group really do care about their fans, it really shows that they appreciate the success that they have attained. ♥

  23. i love no doubt, they’ve been apart of my life since i was 4! i remember listening to doormat and looking at the tragic kingdom cover…and from that day forth i knew it was the begging to something big! aha<3

  24. I have loved No Doubt since the 90s when I’d go snowboarding with the guys and get to blast “Just a girl” on the ride up! Ever since then Gwen has been my idol.

  25. No Doubt is everything that’s right with music. They never falter, they never compromise their ideals, they stay true to themselves, and it shows. Once a No Doubter, always a No Doubter!

  26. I love No Doubt for everything they are. The amazing music, the sweet nature of the band members, the love they show for their fans, and their wicked style. They’ve been my favorite band, and Gwen my idol, since 1995. Nothing will ever change that.

  27. i love ND becouse No Doubt have been part of my life… every day I listen to No Doubt songs and watch music videos and pictures… <3

  28. I love ND becous they made a great songs, they have great concerts and they are very nice for the fans (they love their fans)

  29. i love no doubt because they are totally unique and can blend diverse musical styles into something completely new and creative.

  30. I love No Doubt, because not only are they great to their fans, but they do wonderful things for charity. You never see them involved in a scandal and they are always spending time with their families. They create awesome and inspiring music that will be around forever!

  31. Tragic Kingdom is the soundtrack to my teenage years and I have loved No Doubt ever since! They are the best band live as well!

  32. I love No Doubt because of their style. Each tour is something new and they always bring their personalities into their fashion/style

  33. I love no doubt because they are fearless when it comes to music-taking inspiration from so many places and not caring about how they are labeled because of it.

  34. I love no doubt because I’m a mommy of a 3 year old and I’m a 32 year old who feels like a 16 year old still and no doubt helps make life fun and youthful for me! Hope my son can have no doubt in common with his mommy when he gets bigger . Gwen is awesome and the guys are so fun! Helps me remember that life can still be fun while listening to great energetic music! kisses

  35. My entire family loves No Doubt. I’d have to say Gwen and the band is a great role model for young people and the band’s music was and is still a part of my four children’s lives for many year as I was raising them here in So Cal. No Doubt’s music is of the greatest ever produced!

    I am a “Mom” contributor to the cause 🙂 (Whether it be purchasing tickets to No Doubt, buying L.A.M.B. or Harajuku) – my grandbabies also wear Harajuku with pride 🙂

  36. I love No Doubt because they make awesome music! Their music makes me feel good; I want to move my feet and sing along when I hear it.

  37. I love NO DOUBT because their style is so versitile and there is so much energy and enthusiasum in their performances. Not only is every album they put out different, but it presents a newstyle visiualy, while staying true to the band’s idenitity.

    This is a great website! (+ cool Contest) 🙂

  38. Just want to say No Doubt has been rockin for many years, and have kept me as a fan for many years as well. I love that they have their own style/unique flair,and write their own words; I love how great they are as live performers,(most bands don’t sound the same live) and I can’t wait to see their next tour(Gwen has so much energy, and gets us dancing, and Adrian is crazy)! Can’t wait for the new songs to be available!! I’m a big fan 🙂 Thanks for brightening my day ND !

  39. no doubt has been a heeeyuugge impact on me, in a good way (: my mom has bought me a t shirt when she got it from your concert you guys were my first live concert in person on stage live i have ever seen, and it was fantasticcc 😀 i loved it and u guys were so fresh and so energetic i love you guys a lot, i saw u guys at the gibson ampetheatre at universal studios with opening act the sounds and paramore, then u guys came i heard everyone cheering and screaming, i didnt believe that it was actually happening, what i had on my mind was “omigosh, is this really happening?im at my first concert, seeing No Doubt live!!i was so happy, that day i wasnt feelin to good, but hearing u guys took my mind off the pain. u guys are such an inspiration to me, i always listento your music, my favorite is “ex girlfriend” and “hella god” (: and many moreee haha, i just wanna say that u guys are aweosme and dont ever change, ur music is so awesome, and love you guys (: <3 NODOUBT.

    PS My mom has a jacket from the gibson ampetheatre on sale, i wear it a lot (: people ask " no doubt?" and i say, the best band ever 🙂

  40. I love No Doubt because they are always original, unique, and true to themselves. They have their own sound and their own style and that makes them the coolest band out there!

  41. i absolutely love no doubt because they have been such a big part of my life for as long as i could remember. they kinda shaped the person i have become. they have been my favorite band since 1995 and i still have a passion for their music and preformances. gwen stefani is and amazing preformer, writer, and singer. she has truley been an influence throughout my life. no doubt’s style and music is truley different from everyone else which makes them the coolest band ever.

  42. I am such a huge fan of no doubt! there is nobody out there like them, which is why i know that even though they are soon coming to an end, no other artist will ever replace my favorite band!

  43. I want to thank no doubt for providing us fans the awesome music they have made throught the years! No doubt is the best! They have so much energy on stage! Once they come out, you can’t keep your eyes off of them! Thank you so much!

  44. It all started when I was 9 my mom bought tragic kingdom it was the only thing that kept my sisters and I from fighting in the car we were to busy singing along. Then we got return of saturn when it came out. We had to have more so we got beacon street and no dout. My nephew was born listening to tragic kingdom. We sang between my sisters contractions to keep her calm. Now my son loves when we sing and dance to No Doubt in the living room. No Doubt!

  45. It all started when I was 9 my mom bought tragic kingdom it was the only thing that kept my sisters and I from fighting in the car we were to busy singing along. Then we got return of saturn when it came out. We had to have more so we got beacon street and no dout. My nephew was born listening to tragic kingdom. We sang between my sisters contractions to keep her calm. We were listening to them when I met my husband I liked him because he knew all the lyrics. Now my son loves when we sing and dance to No Doubt in the living room. No Doubt I love this band!

  46. It all started when I was 9 my mom bought tragic kingdom, it was the only thing that kept my sisters and I from fighting in the car we were to busy singing along. Then we got return of saturn when it came out. We had to have more so we got beacon street and no dout. My nephew was born listening to tragic kingdom. We sang between my sisters contractions to keep her calm. We were listening to them when I met my husband I liked him because he knew all the lyrics. Now my son loves when we sing and dance to No Doubt in the living room. No Doubt I love this band!

  47. I love no doubt for getting me through my teenage years, for being an original amazing band. I love them for their style and grace. I love them for the way they love their fans. I’ve loved them for more than half of my life <3

  48. no doubt has been my number 1 favorite band for most of my life because they gave me such a gift. a gift of the greatest music, a gift of a sense of style, a gift of joy when i listen and admire! they have been the an enormous inpiration in my life which is the greatest gift of all! thank you to no doubt!

  49. ND is amazing because even after all these years and their amazing success they all seem to have stayed true to themselves.

  50. Why do I love No Doubt? To begin with, artists come and go. But No Doubt, they have been and will be forever. Growing up, I didn’t have anyone to really identify with. I loved music and all kinds of things, but there wasn’t a female figure that just inspired me in every which way. And then two females came into my life around the same time: Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson.

    Is it funny to say, that even at 26, I still feel if I use the same products and wear the same clothes as Gwen, that I still think I’ll magically turn into her?! Don’t judge! haha.

  51. I love No Doubt because they are an excellent example of how persistence, hard work, and never giving up on your dream is achievable! They all continue to inspire and motivate me both in my personal and professional life.

  52. I love No Doubt because they are one of the most giving and unselfish bands around. They are always giving back in one way or another which is why I think they are truly successful and loved by so many thousands of people around the world.

  53. i love no doubt because they are so obsessed with twitter and keep us entertained while we wait for the new album…

  54. I love No Doubt! They mean so much to me and have been such a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. They have supplied me with a great soundtrack for my life and I will always enjoy listening to their music from all phases of their career. I have also always appreciated the fact that they never let anything like drugs or fame get in the way of what they do or in the way of their relationships. You can tell that each of the No Doubt members is genuine in their love for music and one another. I have been looking up to No Doubt for the past 15 years and they have never ceased to amaze or inspire me. I love you guys and all you do! You are amazing musicians and people!


  55. I love No Doubt because there is No Doubt about how lovely, talented, and amazing that group of musicians is. Plus they know how to get us out of our seats and onto the dance floor/pit.

  56. No Doubt rocks my sock off and I love that they have been able to do so for over 15 years. I have loved growing up alongside them and being able to experience all the changes and growths of life together. They truly are a blessed group and I am so glad to say that I am a fan, a #1 fan 🙂

  57. I love ND because they, their music has always been there for me. I’ve always looked up to Gwen and her lyrics, they gave me advice, wisdom, and love <3

  58. I love No Doubt for always making us feel like we’re apart of their personal and musical processes. I don’t think there is another band that shares as much as No Doubt does with all of us. I love them for being genuine and real!

  59. woo, i so want this 😀
    i love no doubt because they’re just so different..and they’re still together after all this time..amazing!

    (thought my first answer was crap sorry )
    twitter: jessso4

  60. I love No Doubt becouse they play my favourite songs “Trapped in a Box”, “Dont’t Speak”, “Its My life”, “Hey You “, “Dark Blue”, “Don’t Let Me Down” “Simple Kind of life”, “Hey Baby”, “Spiderwebs”,” Excuse Me Mr.”, “Just a Girl” , “Sunday Morning”,” Ex-girlfriend”, “Bathwater”, “New” , “Home Now”, “Hella Good”, “In My Head”,” Running”, “Start The Fire”, “Underneath It All”, “Platinum Blonde Life”, “Rock Steady”, “Detective” and more more more more :)! <3 <3 <3
    And they a lot of energy in the concerts and they are nice to fans 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

  61. I love No Doubt because they are a band that cares about their fans, they are humble and no matter what mood I am in their music makes me happy. My husband puts on a No Doubt song when we are fighting just to make me smile. They will forever be my favorite band and be an inspiration to many to follow your dreams and do what you love.

  62. well…i love no Doubt cause is the best band ever love them so much..i wish i could meet them and sing with them all there songs together..they make amazing songs..Gwen is so beautiful i love her style and she is a perfect mom she is my role model and Gwen and No Doubt together they inspired me so much in my life.

  63. Orange County No Doubt fan representing. Thanks BSO for always keeping ND news up to date!! :). Twitter: cameronharp

  64. No Doubt has been a part of my life for a long time. I saw them open for Goo Goo Dolls and Bush at the Civic Center in Rapid City, SD. I drove around blaring their Tragic Kingdom album over and over! I love No Doubt and can’t wait for their new album!

  65. I have loved No Doubt since high school. They have been a part of my life for a long time. Whenever I hear their music I think about good times. Love ND and can’t wait fortheir new album!

  66. I’ve been a fan since 1997, the first time i saw them on TV. Tragic Kingdom was probably my first tape i asked my mom to buy me, forcefully. Since then i was obsessed with anything No Doubt. I’d never found the sound like No Doubt’s before. I was hooked, i loved the music, till now. I got to know No Doubt better each day, i learned how they managed to stay together despite the hardships, and remained the best of friends, or better yet, family. No Doubt is not just a band to me, they inspire me in any way you would never imagine. Gwen Stefani, is one of the best female vocalists. Her voice, her sense of fashion, but most of all, her personality shines. She’s down to earth, loving mom, and talented in every areas she touches. I can’t stop. I love No Doubt because they love me too, the fans. 2011 is the year of No Doubt, can’t wait!!!

  67. I have been a fan of No Doubt since I was 15 years old. I remember when Tragic Kingdom came out and I was just obsessed with that album and with Gwen. I have followed their career for the past 18 years. I am super looking forward to their new album and always love everything that Gwen puts out.

  68. I love No Doubt because they are authentic, unique and completely original. I love the combination of Gwen’s powerful voice and the amazing ska/rock infused sound No Doubt created. I know all their songs and I simply can’t wait to hear new music from them! MUAH!

  69. I love No Doubt because they are awesome at keeping their fans updated via facebook and twitter. AND because they are all gorgeous and so talented!

  70. Please pick me! I have always loved No Doubt! since I was 16 years old! I am now 32 with two kids and one on the way! This would be great for me to wear after I have the baby…which is due in Nov ♥ I am having a Girl!!!

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