L.A.M.B. Collaborating with Burton Snowboards

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Head designer of L.A.M.B., Paula Bradley, has previously announced a new winter collection and collaboration with Burton Snowboards. From the video, we’re seeing warm puffy jackets and vests with trademark houndstooth, bright colors and rasta touches. And beanies!

The video was actually posted back in November (seriously, how did this slip by?) and we hope to have more information on the line and where to pick it up soon. Nothing is listed on their website as of now. And from the looks of it, only women’s items will be available at first. The collection looks pretty amazing and congratulations again to Gwen and her team on yet another stellar collaboration.

3 Replies to “L.A.M.B. Collaborating with Burton Snowboards”

  1. Surprised I haven’t heard anything about this yet, ooh I am excited for when these go on sale. I was just thinking I might even buy some of the womens clothes for myelf, some could be a bit unisex I guess haha

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