Instagrams: Sneak Peek At Work On Upcoming L.A.M.B. Collection

The L.A.M.B. team have shared a few sneak peeks at work behind-the-scenes of the latest collection which seems to be incorporating beautiful beading and tribal influences. They posted a few photos of sketches from upcoming heels as well as ethnic swatches for inspiration. We hope to see more in the future from L.A.M.B. soon!

Let's talk about sketch baby! #LAMBfashion

A photo posted by L.A.M.B. (@lamb) on

A behind the scenes look at what's brewing at #LAMBfashion!

A photo posted by L.A.M.B. (@lamb) on

4 Replies to “Instagrams: Sneak Peek At Work On Upcoming L.A.M.B. Collection”

  1. Those shoes close-up in the last pic are extremely beautiful! It always gets me excited, I want to see another BIG Fashion production in the upcoming future with Gwen going down that runway!!!

    1. Excellent! Honestly I wasn’t quite sure if we were still mailing out to our subscribers! Thank you and you are more than welcome! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t mind Gwen just designing from now on. To be honest I’ve liked her fashion ventures more than her music during the last 3 years. Maybe there she can expand the brand’s vision and work on more elaborate or exciting fashion shows. Jack of all trades, master of none as they say.

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