BSO Live Coverage: L.A.M.B. Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation

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8:30 PM EST

Wow! How incredible! Apparently the first L.A.M.B. presentation was so full (they only let 100 people in!) that they are repeating it again! The collection is so incredible and personally brings back a lot of things that have inspired me by Gwen. Houndstooth, prints, neons, plaids… seriously, I’m in love! The line is already getting rave reviews online and people are praising it for really reflecting Gwen’s unique style. We will have photos up soon of the entire collection and more coverage as it comes in! HUGE thank you to all that attended and shared photos and tips!

Much congratulations again to Gwen and her L.A.M.B. team for another successful showing! And thank you personally to Gwen again for AlWAYS staying true to yourself.

8:22 PM EST

@Jonesmag Live Fast Die Young the the L.A.M.B. Show! M.I.A.

@colleennika L.A.M.B.: Great houndstooth prints, flashes of neon, and kilts. Very Sweet Escape schoolgirl meets Hey Baby Gwen. #nyfw

8:00 PM EST

@ideeli Dragonette’s Our Summer is playing at the L.A.M.B.
presentation. BRB – dance break! #mbfw

7:55 PM EST

@jasminexjade These boots are made for walking… #L.A.M.B.


Showtime! Thanks for the photos!

7:30 PM EST

The girls are about to head out! Loving EVERYTHING!

7:25 PM EST

@FashnFingrprint Queued up for the L.A.M.B. show… My redic talented friend Joan Reidy did the styling! Yeah!:) #nyfw

7:20 PM EST

@BProductionsNYC can’t wait to film L.AM.B’s Presentation!

7:15 PM EST The Box is set for L.A.M.B. #nyfw

Wow! The venue looks incredible!

7:04 PM EST

@thewallgroup Dress rehearsal #nyfw #lamb

Final dress rehearsal with all the girls is happening now!

6:50 PM EST

6:45 PM EST

@missladyfingers Danilo, hair stylelist, says the look is “rockabilly chic” &a look the L.A.M.B. girl could acheive herself #bbbackstage

6:40 PM EST

More clothes!

6:35 PM EST

@missladyfinger Alicia is going for a “purposefully chipped” nail to go with L.A.M.B’s edgy collection #bbbackstage (cc: @birchbox)

6:30 PM EST

Here are better looks at some of the finalized hair and makeup courtesy of @BeautyBlitz! Stunning!

6:25 PM EST

It’s been confirmed that there will no live stream again from the presentation.

6:15 PM EST

@Cynthia_Rose Mega sads. No Gwen today at L.A.M.B. guess she’s working on the new @nodoubt album. Excited to hear the album very bummed she’s not here.

6:00 PM EST

@thewallgroup I’m obsessed with Catri’s makeup. @MNYinsider is killing it!loqetq7iooo

@thewallgroup Danilo and his infamous big hair!

It’s almost show time! And we spot Todd Stefani! He seems to be backstage filming everything. L.A.M.B. has started to share photos with us of what’s going on backstage! We see Danilo hard at work on the models hair for the show! Maybelline is also getting to work on the girl’s makeup.

We are a little obsessed with the Twiggy-inspired makeup look!

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