Opening night setlist

***Spoiler Alert***

After months and months of wondering what song Gwen will play, we finally have a setlist for residency show! The show looks like its divided into 5 acts/themes with 4 to 5 songs per theme. Thanks to Brigé on Facebook for sharing the stage setlist of the show below.




From the looks of the setlist, it looks like Gwen has at least 2 songs or more from every album except for Push & Shove. We are definitely surprised by the covers that Gwen put into the list. Everyone who attended last nights show is giving stellar reviews! Will update this post if Gwen decides to tweak the setlist as she did on the last tour. Overall we think its a very solid well put together setlist!

Act 1: Opening

  • Hollaback Girl
  • Bathwater
  • Baby Don’t Lie
  • It’s My Life

Act 2: Different People / Back to the beginning

  • Spiderwebs
  • Sunday Morning
  • Underneath it all / Tide is High
  • Exgirlfriend / Hella Good

Act 3: Blow Ya Mind/ Harajuku

  • Wind It Up
  • Rich Girl
  • Cool
  • Luxurious
  • Umbrella
  • What You Waiting For?

Act 4: Early Winter

  • Simple Kind of Life
  • Used to Love You
  • Misery
  • Don’t Speak

Act 5: Tornado

  • Make Me Like You
  • Hey Baby
  • Just A Girl
  • Sweet Escape


2 Replies to “Opening night setlist”

  1. I like the setlist. It’s much more organized than her last tour but an umbrella cover really? Would have rather heard her do early winter or 4 in the morning. Also I’m slightly disappointed in the costumes again as they aren’t as creative as her first two tours but again it’s better than TIWTTFL tour so I’ll take it. I was holding out for a major alice in wonderland theme/costumes for WYWF since it is Vegas so slightly disappointed there.
    I’m honestly surprised she’s doing so many ND songs- all the hits including ROS. Nice to see. Justice for push and shove though! But out of all her major albums I understand why she’d exclude that one

  2. Also I think it’s cool that she’s still doing BDL, remember when it was released we thought we’d never hear her perform it live?? Now she does it every set!

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