Billboard Review: Gwen Stefani’s Energizing Las Vegas Debut

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The reviews are coming in, and Gwen is a hit with her Vegas residency (we could have told you that 😉 ).  Billboard wrote up a nice article on Gwen’s debut night. The article speaks about how well the show is put together and how Gwen steps out in Vegas by actually singing her songs instead of lipping a track. Check out the link below for the review. Did you attend Gwen’s opening night? Let us know your thoughts on the show! 

Image Credit: Gabriel Olsen/WireImage

5 Replies to “Billboard Review: Gwen Stefani’s Energizing Las Vegas Debut”

  1. Gwen did amazing, I love how she is covering songs! Umbrella was really fun to watch! The costumes looked great and wild, I can’t pick a fave. <3

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