Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt This Summer


Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams sat down with Entertainment Weekly about their upcoming album apparently, but mentioned how excited she is to head out on the road this summer with ND. She said she has only talking to Gwen so far, but the band seems extremely grounded. Hayley says that when her band found out No Doubt wanted to tour with them — there was no question about it!

EW:Well speaking of rock stars, you’ll be touring this summer with No Doubt, and Gwen Stefani seems like maybe one of the most normal, non-diva superstars out there.

HW: Totally. I’ve only talked to Gwen on the phone so far, but her whole band seems so grounded, and I think it’s due to all the hard work they did before they got famous. They’re so passionate about music, and they’ve done pretty much anything that a band could want to do, but they seem like the same kids that were hanging out in a garage at one point. When we heard that they wanted us on the tour, it was like, no question. And I’m so psyched, because we’ve just made a record that we can’t wait for people to hear, and now we’re doing this with them? Come on!

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