Paramore's Hayley Williams On Touring With No Doubt


Hayley from Paramore was recently interviewed by about how the tour is going, which she doesn’t give much details cause everyone is still in start mode. She’s been a huge No Doubt fan growing up, and listened to a lot of their early material. She’s not really bugged about the comparison between the two bands since she think it’s pretty shallow and a No Doubt comparison is pretty nice.

So far, Gwen Stefani hasn’t taken Hayley Williams out for ice cream. Or shared her secrets of the music industry. Or helped Williams start a clothing line.

“The tour has just barely started,” Williams said by e-mail recently. “No one is really in hang mode yet. Once we get in the groove of things I’m sure there will be more talks and hang sessions.”

Were you fans of No Doubt growing up? Are they fans of yours? What do you dig about their music?

I’m definitely a No Doubt fan. I’m not sure how much of our music they know but they have said they like us. I need no further explanation than that! There’s no one thing to like about them. They all bring so much to the table

Did you ever go through a ska phase in the ’90s, or was that a little before your time?

The whole ska thing was just barely before my time but I still managed to get into Reel Big Fish, The Impossibles and older No Doubt at a certain point. Josh (Farro, guitar) really loved The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

No Doubt is one of the bigger female-fronted rock acts of the past 25 years. Who are some women in rock you look up to?

I don’t have a lot of female role models. Gwen Stefani is definitely someone to look up to … but growing up I just didn’t see any famous women and think, “I want to be like that!” Although, I did really like TLC.

Are you tired of these questions? A ton of people have already made the obvious No Doubt-Paramore parallels, and the central theme seems to be, “Their singer is a woman.” Does that bum you out?

It’s a shallow comparison but nothing that I thought we’d avoid. It’s a given and I’m okay with that. After all, a No Doubt comparison is one of the best.

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