More Kind Words From Hayley Williams: "Never Really Imagined Doing That Tour"

Hayley Williams from Paramore is still being super cute and still talking about how wonderful opening for No Doubt was this past summer. Brings back such great memories! She recently sat down with and talked about how she still is in shock how No Doubt contacted Paramore personally to join them on the road, and they have learned life lessons from being on tour with No Doubt and playing huge arenas around the country. Hayley continues with how approachable the band was, and how it was amazing of them to share stories with Paramore about the years they have been together. As a fellow No Doubt fan, that sounds like the ultimate dream come true.

And there was the matter of their third record, Brand New Eyes, to focus on. Williams and bandmates Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York wrote and recorded it in early 2009 before joining No Doubt’s comeback tour of America in May.

Williams says when rumours first swirled about Gwen Stefani rejoining the seminal punk pop band after her solo years, she was more excited as a fan rather than a prospective support act.

“You have this brief thought that it would be cool but I never really imagined actually doing that tour,” she says.

“People were talking about the [No Doubt] tour, it finally happened and we got the call-up for it, and it was directly from them!

“All of a sudden we were playing arenas, huge places. I felt like I learned a lifetime of really good lessons.”

It’s unavoidable to draw parallels between Williams and her trailblazer heroine Stefani. They are two women in a blokes’ game who unashamedly exude a feminine presence. There’s the hair of many colours, the vivid make-up, the colourful wardrobes, the undeniable stage presence and a legion of fans who want to be them or fantasise about being with them.

“She’s not hard to get along with,” Williams says of her punk elder stateswoman.

“You could imagine that they would be intimidating or stand-offish or be too busy all the time but it was a really nice experience.

“She and the guys are really approachable and a lot of the times, they would come up to us, talk about the shows and tell us stories about how they started.

“It was great to have that experience with them and know you can make it work having a bunch of friends who come together and write songs and play, and 20 years later you can still be doing it.

“I would love to have a life like that. Not necessarily the career but a life where I can get on stage with my friends.”

Williams shares Stefani’s approachability factor off stage.

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