Wicked Style Set To Replace Harajuku Lovers Fragrance In March 2011

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Hmm… interesting. According to a new article, it seems that the new line of fragrances, Wicked Style, is set to actually replace the Harajuku Lovers fragrance line starting in March 2011. The new line was expected to hit retailers (and in some countries, it has!) in November, so what does this mean for the US?

The Star — Gwen Stefani’s fragrances are marketed under the Harajuku Lovers brand template, and every now and then new ideas are added to freshen up the line.

Timiraos says that in March 2011, Coty will launch Wicked Style (from her song Harajuku), which will replace the Harajuku Lovers line.

It seems that on a trip to Japan, Stefani was so inspired by the creativity of the young women she saw in Harajuku, who expressed themselves in outrageous outfits and details. As she has her own brand, Lamb, the team tapped her creative ideas to develop her fragrances.

Wicked Style offers different scents packaged in small bottles featuring different girls, each garbed in an outfit that fits her personality.

“Gwen’s name is not on her fragrances. They are a pure expression of her amazing creative skills and imagination, from music to fashion,”Timiraos says.

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