Rumor Patrol: No More Shoes From Harajuku Lovers?

How sad! Thanks to GwenAnn for the news, but apparently it’s being said that Harajuku Lovers are deciding to shut down production on shoes for the brand. The shoes are said to be not be bringing in enough profit and L.A.M.B. shoes (that are made by the same manufacturer) are making more money for the company. What a loss — Harajuku Lovers has always released amazing sandals, cute heels and slip ons that were more affordable for some than L.A.M.B. We will do some more research for everyone on what’s going on, but what a bummer if it’s true!

Sad news for fans of the brand Harajuku Lovers. From official sources in the company, which manufactures footwear of both brands Gwen, I learned that the company now has to decide whether to produce shoes in the future under the brand Harajuku Lovers. Since the second brand LAMB brings much more profit, footwear under the brand Harajuku Lovers at risk to disappear from store shelves because it is not profitable to produce it.

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  1. I love all things Gwen and I live in NY sad to say I did not know the Harajuku line sold shoes I guess around me on Long Island they always only sold the L.A.M.B. Shoes 🙁 Would love to have gotten some!

  2. Aww! Sorry to hear about that, but you can always check out and to get a hold of them. That is where I have gotten all of mine.

  3. I talked to Celine (TheShoeGirl) who designs for HL shoes, and SADLY, this is true. She says she’s still designing flip-flops and jelly wedges for HL, but not sure how long it will last. 🙁 🙁

    I am so sad! The HL shoes are so cute!

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