Rumor Patrol: New Harajuku Lovers Dolls Coming This Christmas

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Sorry for the small picture — it’s the best one I could find at the moment of the print. I’m assuming it might be the “snow bunnies” they are talking about.

Thanks to no doubt about it from the fourm, apparently it’s rumored that there will be another line of dolls coming out, Harajuku Lovers dolls, this Christmas.

I know the fragrance manager in Debenhams and i speak to her sometimes. I seen her today and she seen a shirt i had in my hand (HL one) she wanted to see it so i shown her. She knows i have bought all the HL perfumes so shes really nice to me. She said “I’m not meant to tell anyone this i shouldn’t even be telling her (other staff). But there’s some new HL dolls coming out at Christmas dressed in bunny suits”. I said “You mean the snow bunny ones?”. “She said yeh i think”. Just letting everyone know there’s new dolls coming. I don’t know whether they will be like the Gwen dolls

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