Confirmed: Harajuku Lovers Headphones Available At Target

Thank you so much to Kelly for sending in a photo to us — check them out! They look amazing! It looks like the “Space Age G” ones retail for $79, “Super Kawaii” sell for $49, and the “Wicked Style” earbuds retail for $59. And we hear they sound great! They are made by Monster, like we said, the same company that distruburted Dr. Dre’s Beat headphones line, and those sound out of this world. They are all in-ear, which can be a bummer, but they are amazing. Can’t wait to pick some up myself! Thanks again to all the fans who sent us in information and big thank you to Kelly and Roy for all the help!

Thanks to Kelly, she said that there were 3 different kinds she saw, and ended picking up the “Gwen” one with the teal cord for $49. So they range in price from $49-$79. And thanks to Roy again, “The $59s have a face on the earbud and can clip on a body or something? The $79s have a checker pattern.”

It’s true! Thanks to Roy for confirming for us! There’s 2 of them, both in-ear. $59 and $79. Hopefully we will have photos soon!

So, we’ve been tipped that there are new Harajuku Lovers headphones available at Target. They are said to be be produced by Monster (same who do Dr. Dre’s amazing Beats headphones). Has anyone seen or heard about them? I am freaking out! I want some!

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  1. I am a HUGE Harajuku Lovers collector and even though we’ve had nothing but bad luck w/Monster’s Dr Dre headphones, I took the chance and bought the Super G edition headphones (I had to have them!). Alas, I should have followed my gut and not bought another Monster product. The headphones, though wicked cute, cut off in the middle of any iPod function and also will randomly forward songs. I even tried them on my cell and same thing. DAMN YOU MONSTER FOR RUINING THIS AWESOME LOOKING PRODUCT!

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