Rumor Patrol: Harajuku Lovers Cosmetics Hitting Claire's This Week

So… I didn’t want to mention anything since there hasn’t been any official word, but while I was in Claire’s last week picking up some of the new Harajuku Lovers stationary, the manager there told me that they were also getting in a Harajuku Lovers cosmetic line as well! She actually pulled out the look-book for the products, and even though they had a “Harajuku” look/theme… I don’t think they are actually Harajuku Lovers items.

But according to BSO fan Denise… they told her the same thing. Does anyone else know about this “cosmetics line from Harajuku Lovers?” They are said to be hitting shelves on Friday.

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  1. I was told Harajuku Lovers is going to be getting its own shelf or “tower” as the manager put it. The HL tower will have multiple products, and she said she wasn’t sure of what they were going to be specifically. She just said that she is pretty sure the line will be increasing in the near future to include a variety of items. 🙂 I hope that helps! (I’ll check out my Claire’s on Friday and see what all the talk is about – and I’ll take my camera to report on my findings).

    🙂 By the way, thank you guys for always updating with a variety of ND related news! I love that I have one site I can go to for ND, Gwen, LAMB, and HL news! It’s very convenient!! 😀

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