Report: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances and Accessories Expanding This Fall


Beverly Hills Magazine shared more insider details from Gwen’s exclusive #PopElectric High Tea Party held at the Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles this past weekend which was attended by over 90 YouTube stars, friends and family. Gwen spent one-on-one time with the media and Digital Influencers and made it a point to stress just how important social media is.

The article also mentions that the Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric fragrance collection, currently being sold online on and HSN, will be heading to Nordstrom and select department stores for Holiday 2015. The accessories line, including watches, sneakers and flip flops, will also be heading to Macy’s next month as well as Nordstrom.

Also be on the look out for new Harajuku Lovers pet accessories and a children’s line launching this fall!

Photo courtesy of Getty (Stefanie Keenan).

6 Replies to “Report: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances and Accessories Expanding This Fall”

  1. I gotta say, I’m a sucker for those fragrances. I own every single one of them. Even the ones that smell like overripe fruit and nail polish. Lol!
    There are some absolute gems in there too though. I wish I could get more of the original L fragrance, or G of the Sea.

  2. I just wish she’d do the same with the L.a.m.b. line. I’m glad to see that HL will be available again!

  3. Yeah I never really collected the Harajuku girls perfumes. I have a few but I would never pay that much for the whole set while most of them are mediocre perfume lol. I do still wear “L” occasionally. I would like to see gwen release a second fragrance independently from the Harajuku brand.

  4. My mother loves L and some of the HL fragrances. They’re amazing! I’d love to collect ’em all but there’re too many now. I can’t be bothered! Besides how would I explain something like that to my BF? A little too much is just enough for me. Awkward! 😀

  5. LOL I have an entire closet shelf dedicated to them. And they are huddled together shoulder to shoulder. They’re so damn cute though, how could I resist them?? 🙂

    I bought most of them at a discount by buying them wholesale or second hand (unopened) or when they were marked off.

    The newest Pop Electric ones, I got from the UK. They were much cheaper there than in the US. Unfortunately they were not for sale anywhere in continental Europe and the UK perfume shops could not send them through customs for some strange reason. I got a friend of a friend of a friend to purchase them, come to Holland, and ship them to me domestically. They are delicious and worth all the hassle and the 5 month wait! 😀

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