Photos: “G Of The Sea” Packaging; Nylon Magazine Review

How cute! Thank you so much to merboi for sharing with us, check out the super sweet packaging for the new “G Of The Sea” Harajuku Lovers limited edition G fragrance. Sephora is now shipping out the perfume to those who ordered it.

Nylon magazine also gave a nice rave review of the fragrance as well!

Nylon — When Gwen Stefani shot her first LAMB perfume commercial, she dove into a pool wearing red lipstick and black eyeliner that perfectly survived the chlorine, and the cameras. Besides posing in the shallow end, she filmed several underwater shots that looked insanely easy – probably because Stefani got an early aquatic start on her high school’s swim team.

Now the pop goddess takes her water works into her other perfume collection, Harajuku Lovers, with a limited-edition bottle shaped like a mermaid. Called G of the Sea, it’s a more floral take on her usual “G” fragrance, with an added note of water lily to make it smell more like a siren.

Just be warned, the bottle is bigger than usual (imagine a curvier version of Mermaid Barbie), which means more fragrance fun for you, but also more space in your octopus garden (or vanity table) devoted to Gwen and her marina.

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