Photo: Rare Harajuku Lovers Chopsticks And Marshmellow Set

Woah! What are these?! Thank you so much to Sandra for sending into us, check out a cute chopsticks and vanilla marshmellows set from Harajuku Lovers! Has anyone else ever seen/heard of these? They were found at Homegoods in New York. They are adorable and we are curious what they taste like!

And thank you to Aaron for letting us know, the candy sets (and bars!) are available on Dylan’s Candy Bar for 50% off! Yumm!

4 Replies to “Photo: Rare Harajuku Lovers Chopsticks And Marshmellow Set”

  1. The box has a Dylan’s candy bar logo- so i looked on their site and it has a few harajuku packs on sale under the novelty section.

  2. Found these today at a Homegoods store. I almost don’t want to eat them, ha ha. Great to know I can find more online.

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